Collective and intergenerational trauma integration

A humbling journey into the legacy of who we are today.

~Thomas Hübl

Our mission is to contribute to the healing of collective and intergenerational trauma, and to reduce its disruptive effects on our global culture.


Bringing together timeless mystical wisdom and the latest scientific and psychological research to:

  • Deepen our understanding of the often hidden effects of collective and intergenerational trauma on individuals and society
  • Develop and teach the tools and competencies that enable collective trauma integration
  • Train and support individuals, leaders and groups of people worldwide to work on the healing of collective trauma layers – Pocket Groups
  • Advise organizations, institutions and governments on how to deal with the after effects and cultural symptoms of massive collective traumatization
  • Train and build individual and cultural competencies and trauma resilience in crisis areas
  • Create an online platform that provide the latest research and knowledge on collective and intergenerational trauma
  • Bringing together global trauma experts for conferences and meetings

Please support us with your donation to help build an organization and manifest our mission. In order to express our gratitude we have prepared a very special gift for you that you will receive after your donation.

– Thomas Hübl

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Thomas Hübl is offering a One-Year training program in working with collective trauma and large-scale group events. The program started and is going to end with five-day seminars with Thomas in Israel.

In between there will be online classes, as well as mentoring/supervision groups.

The first seminar started in June 2017 in Israel.

The training will be open to professionals wishing to develop their competencies in this area as well as to people with a wider interest.

Learn More about the Training Program


Pocket Project groups have started working in Israel, Germany and South America.

Future plans include:

  • Supporting the formation of more international Pocket groups. We will work with these groups online, and from time to time in person
  • Holding a 3-day international conference in Israel, hosted/facilitated by Thomas Hübl, which will bring together world experts – psychologists, scientists, geneticists, social scientists
  • Creating an online knowledge base and community platform, to facilitate the development of global collective intelligence regarding trauma. (This platform is currently being developed).

Collective trauma is like a suppressed lake in collective culture that we all walk in without realising, and which constantly produces societal symptoms that are not recognised as trauma symptoms and which therefore re-occur


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