Restoring a Fragmented World

The Pocket Project helps to address and integrate individual, ancestral and collective trauma. We aim to heal the wounds from the past, thus shifting humanity towards a path of creativity, effective collaboration and innovation.

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The Pocket Project designs and delivers spaces and programs that fuel trauma-informed living and leadership in individuals and organisations. We are innovators in transformative edge-work, providing opportunities for being, relating, witnessing, healing and restoring.

Trauma-Informed Leadership Course II

With Thomas Hübl and Team

Many of us are aware of how acutely important it is for us to wake up to the hidden variable in our societal matrix: individual, ancestral and collective trauma. Now we learn how to build healing architectures in our teams and organisations.


Solidarity With Ukraine

Putin’s invasion of Ukraine and the war crimes against the Ukrainian people since February 2022 have shaken us all. What stands out is the courage and resolve of the Ukrainian people and the generosity of all those stepping up to welcome refugees. Right now, as a first step of support, we are offering free places to Ukrainians on our upcoming course to strengthen trauma-informed leadership in Ukraine. 



Together, we practice transformative skills for presence, relating and self-care – building a community of compassion.

Join us for our next Community Call on Monday, 20. June at 2-3.30pm NYC / 8-9.30pm Berlin / 7-8.30pm London 

Sensing & Atunement with Kosha Joubert 


Global Social Witnessing Call

Mindfully attending our world

Global Social Witnessing is the human capacity to mindfully attend to global events with an embodied awareness, thereby creating an inner world space that mirrors and brings compassion to these events. 

Next call on Monday, 27. June at 2-3.30pm NYC / 8-9.30pm Berlin & Jo-burg / 1-2:30am Bangkok

Footprints of Colonialism – Looted Artefacts with Sonita Mbah & Kosha Joubert


Global Social Witnessing


Together with Partner Organisations from Greece, Italy, Croatia, Turkey and Germany, the Pocket Project is currently developing a ‘Digital Toolkit for Citizen Presence‘ and a ‘Curriculum for Global Social Witnessing Facilitation’. We intend to cultivate citizen capacity towards a heartful and related response for refugees arriving in Europe from crisis areas around the world. 

Friends of the Pocket Project

BEcome part of a special network

Become a Friend of the Pocket Project to accompany our work over a longer period of time with monthly donations. We will be offering privileged access to certain materials to this circle.


ukraine crisis


On Sunday, 6. March, Thomas Hübl addressed the Crisis in Ukraine in an open online event.  Together with a worldwide community we explored how we can activate our collective immune system to meet the challenges. 

Collective Trauma & Democracy

Workshop with Thomas Hübl- 28.4.-1.5.2022

The online process is about restoring mutual awareness and understanding in a polarized society in the midst of acute crises. The workshop will take place in German without translation.


POcket Project @ COP26

Trauma-Informed Leadership & Climate Change

Unless we become able to address trauma, we will not be able to address climate change. From 1-12 November the Pocket Project was live at COP26 for meaningful conversations, interviews, witnessing and shared meditation. Now, allow yourself to be inspired by some of the results. 

Pocket project Introduction

Restoring a Fragmented World

This video of a conversation between Thomas Hübl, Founder, and Kosha Joubert, CEO of the Pocket Project about the Vision and Theory of Change of the Pocket Project.  

In addition, you can DOWNLOAD THIS SLIDESHOW outlining a summary of our work.

In every part of the world, humanity’s collective shadow contains different flavours and varying degrees of intensity. Yet, it exists wherever humanity exists. Only the right key, our precise attunement, can unlock each door. All that’s required is our willingness to fully attend to what arises and to be compassionate with ourselves and one another in the process.

The Pocket Project is partnering with Inner Science LLC to bring to you our 2021 Collective Trauma Summit

More than 108.000 participants joined us in 2020. Will you join us this year?