Restoring a Fragmented World

The Pocket Project restores fragmentation by addressing and integrating individual, ancestral and collective trauma. We help to heal the wounds from the past, thus shifting humanity towards a path of collaboration, innovation and emergence.

Trauma-Informed Leadership Course

Registrations are now closed

Summer Leadership Development Course with Thomas Hübl for Leaders in change movements, social enterprises, SMEs and NGOs. All proceeds go to support the work of the Pocket Project.

New Scholarship Opportunities

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This summer, the Pocket Project is sponsoring scholarships for the Trauma-Informed Leadership in Times of Crisis – Summer Leadership Development Course.

Global Social Witnessing

Be present - Feel what you see - Become a global social witness

Global Social Witnessing teaches us to gently turn our attention towards rather than away from challenging information. Join our free monthly Global Social Witnessing Calls.

Community Calls

Collective Challenges - Collective learning

Our relations are an essential part of who we are – and the Pocket Project is committed to open spaces for collective presence and compassion. Join our free Community Calls to practice skills like mindfulness, self-care and attunement.

2020 Annual Report

We are delighted to share with you our Annual Report 2020 and our Preview 2021 – the steps we are taking to contribute to the healing of collective trauma and reduce its disruptive effects on our global culture.

In every part of the world, humanity’s collective shadow contains different flavours and varying degrees of intensity. Yet, it exists wherever humanity exists. Only the right key, our precise attunement, can unlock each door. All that’s required is our willingness to fully attend to what arises and to be compassionate with ourselves and one another in the process.

The Pocket Project is partnering with Inner Science LLC to bring to you our 2021 Collective Trauma Summit

More than 108.000 participants joined us in 2020. Will you join us this year?