Restoring a Fragmented World

The Pocket Project helps to address and integrate individual, ancestral and collective trauma. We aim to heal the wounds from the past, thus shifting humanity towards a path of creativity, effective collaboration and innovation.

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The Pocket Project designs and delivers spaces and programs that fuel trauma-informed living and leadership in individuals and organisations. We are innovators in transformative edge-work, providing opportunities for being, relating, witnessing, healing and restoring.

Trauma-Informed Women in Leadership Course


Join us in the summer of 2023 (May – September) as we unfold our potential as women who dare to step into spaces where love and power meet. 

Share your ideas and help us shape the course in this questionnaire


flight, expulsion and resettlement in German history (in GERman only)

Together with Sabine Langer & Roland Remus we dedicate this evening to the topic of flight, expulsion and resettlement in German history and would like to explore our own family stories with you. Sabine & Roland will talk about their project “Zuflucht-Zuversicht-Zukunft”, and the connected documentary film “Zuflucht-Zuversicht-Zukunft | Essenrode – 12 Kriegskinder erzählen”. We ask all participants to watch the documentary in advance here

Join us for this call on Zuflucht-Zuversicht-Zukunft on Monday, 3. April at  8-9.30pm MEZ Berlin 

Trauma-informed women's power


How are women empowered to contribute to change? 
Many women are very committed to a new education system and at the same time it is often difficult to have a real influence. 

Join this conversation between Margret Rasfeld, Kosha Joubert and Silke Weiß, exploring how we as women can act alive and in our power and thus influence the transformation of our society. Thursday, April 6, 2023, 7-8.30pm CET/ Berlin

Global Social Witnessing Call

Mindfully attending our world

A year has passed after the full scale invasion in Ukraine started. The war had brought and is still bringing the human and moral losses, problems with gas, heating, and electricity. We invite people from GEN Ukraine to share and reflect on how is it for them to sustain a war-life balance in the eco-village environment.

Join Missile attacks in Ukraine – Safety in Community? on Monday, 27. March at 2-3.30pm NYC / 8-9.30pm Berlin / 7-8.30pm London


Solidarity With Ukraine

The war, the pandemic and climate change all pose an existential threat to life and trigger anxiety and fear in many of us. Often, we feel isolated as we meet these feelings. We have opened up a flow of psychosocial support to Ukrainians around the world, and all those supporting Ukrainians in Ukrainian, German and English.

Join our public calls!

Research Report

Overcoming Polarisation in Crises

In May 2022, Thomas Hübl offered a Collective Trauma Integration Process in and for Germany. Together with partner institutions, researchers and over 350 citizens, we framed the process with a scientific research project to gain insights into its impact. Our research question was “whether and how a trauma-informed culture can strengthen our capacity for democracy and cohesion in our society”.  Now, the research report is ready – and we are delighted to share it with you. 

Friends of the Pocket Project

BEcome part of a special network

We warmly invite you to join our special circle of support – the Friends of the Pocket Project. This growing circle of more than 80 individuals accompanies our work over a longer period of time through a monthly donation, big or small, or offering substantial one-off donations at regular intervals.

A self paced learning version of the Trauma Informed Leadership Course II is offered as a gift to all those joining Friends of the PP with a monthly donation of 35$ or more.

Collective Trauma Summit 2022

September 28 – October 6, 2022
with Thomas Hübl and 50+ Expert Speakers, Poets, and Musicians

This 9-day global online event will spark compelling conversations about how to recognize and address both the current traumas we are facing as a global community, and the unhealed cultural wounds that are being reactivated under stress.

There is no cost to attend!


Collective Trauma & Climate Change - Inviting Global Healing 

We are sharing all recordings from our 12-day framework program during the COP27 UN Climate Change Conference for you to watch for free.

Watch interviews with various speakers and news from communities on the frontlines of the climate crisis to help restore our collective sensitivity and compassion and increase our flow of possibility and potential. 

Global Social Witnessing


Together with Partner Organisations from Greece, Italy, Croatia, Turkey and Germany, the Pocket Project is currently developing a ‘Digital Toolkit for Citizen Presence‘ and a ‘Curriculum for Global Social Witnessing Facilitation’. We intend to cultivate citizen capacity towards a heartful and related response for refugees arriving in Europe from crisis areas around the world. 

In every part of the world, humanity’s collective shadow contains different flavours and varying degrees of intensity. Yet, it exists wherever humanity exists. Only the right key, our precise attunement, can unlock each door. All that’s required is our willingness to fully attend to what arises and to be compassionate with ourselves and one another in the process.