About the Pocket Project

The Pocket Project was founded by Thomas Hubl and Yehudit Sasportas in 2016 as a global initiative that aims to restore the fragmentation in individuals, communities and societies by addressing and supporting the integration of collective and intergenerational trauma.

We envision that by integrating collective trauma, we can heal the wounds from the past and shift humanity towards a path of emergence and evolutionary development.

We work within and in partnership with populations throughout the world  who are experiencing — or have experienced — collectively traumatizing events.

We are a non-profit, non-governmental organization with offices and volunteer staff globally and are funded entirely by the generous contributions of financial donors.

Our mission is to:

  • Educate and train both professionals and civil society on the global impact of collective trauma and processes for healing through speaking engagements, trainings, conferences and summits
  • Collaborate with the School of Collective Trauma Integration (to be launched in December 2020) which trains professional practitioners to become facilitators of Collective Trauma Integration Processes (CTIP)
  • Initiate international labs that convene geographically and thematically specific groups to address collective trauma as part of a restoration process for respective countries or topics
  • Develop social impact projects that support trauma informed service and action in crisis areas of the world
  • Form a Collective Trauma Integration Center – a dedicated initiative for the design and implementation of collective trauma integration processes for organizations, companies or countries in partnership with leadership circles and governing bodies

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