Thomas Hübl is a renowned speaker, teacher, author, and international facilitator whose work integrates the core insights of the great wisdom traditions with the discoveries of contemporary science. Thomas has led online and in-person courses, as well as multi-day retreats with tens of thousands of people around the topics of collective trauma, personal development, relational competencies, and healing for the past 18 years. His gentle and highly perceptive approach to listening deeply to participants allows for a safe and compassionate environment that values openness and group listening. His teaching combines somatic awareness practices, advanced meditative practices, and transformational processes that address both individual and collective trauma. 

Thomas has established working groups and partnerships with physicians, psychologists, and therapists from the U.S., Germany, Israel, Canada, and elsewhere. These professionals have trained with him to overcome challenges of their respective healthcare systems and professional lives by developing competencies to work through unconscious stress patterns, such as transparent communication skills, mindfulness-based awareness practices, somatic processes, and self-reflective and group process work.

Originally a student of medicine and science, Thomas took a radical departure from his career to commit to a four-year meditation retreat. As a result of those four years, he emerged with a dedication to explore consciousness and our collective potential for growth and healing.

Thomas is the founder of the Academy of Inner Science, an institution utilizing a distinctive approach to exploring consciousness, evolution, and the junctures between mysticism and science. The Academy of Inner Science Graduate Program currently collaborates with five universities that offer Ph.D. programs in consciousness studies.

An activist for the cause of global healing, Thomas created the Celebrate Life Festival, which has taken place annually in Europe for nearly two decades and is now in the US. The gathering brings together hundreds of people from around the world for a profound experiential immersion in cultural development and transformation. He is also the founder of the Pocket Project. Thomas has collaborated with luminaries in related fields, including addiction expert Dr. Gabor Maté, philosopher Ken Wilber, Nobel Peace Prize nominee Scilla Elworthy, psychosomatic medicine specialist Edda Gottschaldt, M.I.T professor Otto Scharmer, renowned couple therapist Terry Real, renowned systemic therapist Stephan Hausner, law professor Stephan Breidenbach, and renowned Harvard mediator William Ury.

Thomas lives in Israel and Germany with his wife, the artist Yehudit Sasportas, and their daughter. His book Healing Collective Trauma will be published by Sounds True and MacMillian Publishing in November 2020.

Yehudit Sasportas is one of the most prominent and prolific Israeli artists working in the local and international art scene today. Her work is focused on site-specific installations, which include sculptures, drawings, video and sound works, and call for an intense and overwhelming sensory experience. Her installations have gone through a process of adapting and responding to the architecture of various museum spaces while forming into artworks that present a new way of reading architecture itself, as well as the wider cultural context it was created in. 

Her sculptural arrangements deal with a fascinating correspondence taking place between subconscious materials, unspoken and unseen, and the way these layers of information activate conscious areas across the surface. Sasportas’ Active Consciousness films, which were made over a course of more than seven years, present relatively simple actions, yet provoke a deep and condense discussion about the manner in which we experience, understand and project our own personal stories on reality. 

This series as well as others have brought Sasportas’ works to receive meaningful recognition as an artist with clear political relevance. Sasportas represented Israel in the 2007 Venice Biennial, and has presented more than ten international solo exhibitions during the last decade, in venues such as The Kunsthalle Basel; The Berkeley Museum of Art, San Francisco; The Kunstverein Braunschweig; DA2 Domus Atrium, Salamanca; and the Israel Museum, Jerusalem. 

Sasportas is a senior professor at the Bezalel Academy for Art and Design in Jerusalem. She works in Tel Aviv and Berlin and is also a lecturer in the International Academy of Consciousness (Germany and the US). |




serves as CEO of the Pocket Project. Previously, she was the CEO and, before that, President of the Global Ecovillage Network (GEN). She is co-founder of GEN Africa, Gaia Education and ECOLISE. She holds an MSc in Organisational Development, is an international facilitator, author, coach and consultant, and has worked extensively in the fields of sustainable development, curriculum development and intercultural collaboration. Kosha grew up in South Africa under Apartheid and has been dedicated to the healing of divides and collective trauma ever since. In 2016, Kosha received the Dadi Janki Award – 100 Women of Spirit – For engaging spirituality in life and work and for making a difference in the world. She has been learning with Thomas for 15 years. She has served as a host and mentor for almost all of Thomas Hübl’s online courses, co-moderated two of the Celebrate Life Festivals and was a co-host of the 2019 and 2020 Online Summit on Collective Trauma.

joined the Pocket Project as a Project Manager in November 2019. Anne has 14 years of experience in event management, in industry and commerce, as well as the public sector. She previously worked as event manager in Berlin for a startup on sustainable urban farming and aquaponic systems. Her passion is to bring healing, restoration of a sense of interbeing and understanding of the circularity of all life to children. Anne holds a certificate in pre-, peri- and postnatal shock and trauma therapy. She has organised Collective Trauma Integration events for Thomas Hübl since 2006 and has been part of the organizing team of the annual Celebrate Life Festival in Germany for the past 13 years.

has been working as a Program Manager for Thomas Hübl for more than 16 years, and since 2011 she has also been his executive assistant. She has been the second chairperson of the nonprofit organisation Sharing the Presence e.V. since 2010. Her spiritual path has combined over 15 years of professional experience with a personal calling in a complex way. Ute Kostanjevec loves and lives organization, team guidance and innovation. She is always excited about and is passionately committed to learning new things, birthing new projects into the world and creating and simplifying structures. Ute Kostanjevec has been part of the core team of the Celebrate Life Festival for many years and is also involved in the Pocket Project as a Program Manager.

joined The Academy of Conscious Evolution in 2019 as Thomas Hübl’s Executive assistant in Israel. Since then Karen has been taking part in various projects, contributing her creative approach and ideas. For most of the last decade, Karen worked as the General manager at Lala Land in Tel Aviv, supervising over 200 employees and all of Tel Aviv’s boardwalk activities and live shows. Karen’s interest in the line of Thomas Hübl ‘s work in particular and social healing in general, started when she traveled to India in 2019 and was exposed to Buddhism. The spiritual journey she took brought her to understand that she needs to take action and join a different force, the kind that involves social healing. Karen is always ready for the next challenge, loves exploring new fields of work, and learning how to improve her environment.


is an Integral-Intuitive Psychotherapist, Cultural Analyst and Collective Healing Researcher currently living in Mexico City. Her engagement with collective trauma led her to write in 2007 a pioneering PhD thesis in the form of a written psychotherapeutic session for her homeland, Mexico. She studies with Thomas Hübl since 2016, and is a Graduate of the Pocket Project Training. She does online therapy with people in English and Spanish since 2012, does presentations on psycho-education, and carries out Healing from Colonialism workshops with Indigenous communities in Mexico and other countries. In the Pocket Project she liaises between Thomas Hübl and the Graduates, and is in the Steering Committees for Research, Colonialism and Writing groups.

was born in Kobe, studied in Tokyo, and received his PhD in Duisburg/Germany. Prof. Dr. Kazuma Matoba teaches and researches in communication science at Witten/Herdecke University in Germany. Over twenty years, he has facilitated many intercultural, interethnic and interreligious dialogues. In the AIS-Graduate program he supports Thomas Hübl in establishing the dialogue between inner and outer science

Pocket Project Co-Founders

Hilorie Baer is a personal coach and transformational facilitator with 25 years experience working with individuals, couples, and groups. She is a pioneer in developing a new approach to personal transformation through the practical application of mystical principles. This innovation has come from work as a key member of Thomas Hübl’s core team, dedicated to developing a contemporary approach to spiritual awakening.

Born in the US, Hilorie has a BA from the University of Chicago and a Masters in Social Work from Columbia University. She and her architect husband of 30 years live in Jerusalem, where they have raised three children and where she maintains her own private psychotherapy practice.
Yuval Carmi is a clinical psychologist, group facilitator, Yoga teacher and teacher of Holodynamics, working with family constellations with groups and individuals. He has a background in Physics– MSc and a private practice for more than 20 years, with much experience in trauma work from a variety of sources: army, terror, holocaust, sexual abuse, bereavement, physical, accidents.

Yuval teaches mind-body spirit in private and public settings. He has gathered extensive experience in working with different Israeli-Palestinian groups in the last 12 years, and has co- facilitated a week-long workshop among Germans, Israelis and Palestinians in Auschwitz. He has been studying with Thomas Hübl for four years.
Hadassa Degani was born in Tsfat in northern Israel. Her mother was seventh generation in the Sephardic Jewish lineage. Her grandfather was a well-known Kabbalist Rabbi.

After a successful career as a TV producer, Hadassa began the long-term study and practice of Chinese medicine, leading her to co-create a groundbreaking, herbal-based product for the treatment of ADD/ADHD. Researched scientifically at Teleshomer hospital, the product is now on sale in every chemist in Israel, and is sold all over the world via her website. It has changed the lives of thousands of children and adults. She works increasingly with children and adults who have severe ADHD as a result of trauma. She has studied with Thomas Hübl for four years.
Nicholas Janni has gained an international reputation over the last twelve years for his leadership training and transformational coaching. He works on consciousness development with organisations and business schools worldwide. Previously he was a theatre director, taught acting at The Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London, and led his own theatre company.

He has studied/practiced Zen meditation, Hawaiian Kahuna bodywork, Psychosynthesis, Kabbalah and various martial arts, and has been studying the mystical principles intensively with Thomas Hübl for the last four years. He is part of Thomas’s core team, and hosts and mentors on the Mystical Principles and Healing online courses.

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