Climate Consciousness Summit 2023

Addressing the inner and outer transformation needed for true climate action to emerge.

In a world at the crossroads of profound instability and growing disruption, the Pocket Project (NGO) presents the Climate Consciousness Summit 2023 as a virtual event with a bold mission to help the global community expand and ground its sensitive connection to the climate crisis.

The Climate Consciousness Summit is our response – a trauma-informed approach that recognizes trauma as the root of our inability to respond appropriately to the climate crisis. Trauma-induced numbness, apathy, and polarization have hampered our efforts to implement the Paris Climate Agreements.

We will listen to the voices from communities on the frontlines of the climate crisis, from the negotiations at UN COP28, and those offering innovative climate solutions. Our approach addresses climate grief within the context of collective trauma, integrated into the solutions offered by combined expertise and diversity of the summit speakers. The Summit also engages policymakers, businesses and climate-focused movements.

The overarching theme for this year is “Climate Consciousness,” spotlighting the role of inner and outer transformation, and the shift in consciousness needed to shift the climate crisis.

Our esteemed speakers such as Bayo Akomolafe, Nemonte Nenquimo, Nora Bateson, Satish Kumar, Vanessa Nakate, John Liu, Chief Phil Lane Jr. – a blend of climate experts and cultural influencers, possess cross-disciplinary curiosity, illuminating new pathways for innovation and healing. Beyond interviews, we offer live online events, including on-the-ground coverage in Dubai during COP28, Global Social Witnessing sessions with community leaders on the climate frontlines, panel discussions, poetry readings, and more. Please register and invite more of your networks to participate. Together, we plant the seeds for a growing global healing movement.

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