Global Collective Trauma Prevention – the New Project

Our new project has been in existence for two weeks. It has started well and is gratefully accepted. It is an offer of support for people who are burdened by this pandemic crisis through stress, fear and strong inner processes. We offer moderated online groups via video conferencing (in English, German and Spanish). There is the possibility to share experiences in a safe space, to listen to each other in presence, to become part of a supporting group field, and to enter into a common integrating learning process.

There are separate groups for people in the nursing, healthcare and medical professions, who in many places are now particularly burdened and challenged.
The groups are led by people from all over the world who are all connected to the Pocket Project for Collective and Intergenerational Trauma Integration. The team has grown to 61 people. Each of the volunteers have graciously offered their expertise in supporting groups and individuals. Thomas is leading this team. There are open groups almost every day – registration is free of charge.

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