Partnership between the Pocket Project and the Global Ecovillage Network

The partnership agreement between the Global Ecovillage Network (GEN) and the Pocket Project was officially signed in November 2017. The cooperation has been successfully under way since the beginning of 2017, as GEN and the Pocket Projected joined efforts in a crowd-funding campaign which raised a total of 19.979€ and enabled seven candidates to join the Pocket Training, who otherwise could not have participated for financial reasons. The candidates have leadership roles in their homeland communities in the DR Congo, Namibia, Sri Lanka, Colombia and Palestine.

Visolela Namises (Women’s Solidarity Namibia), Kosha Joubert (Executive Director of Global Ecovillage Network), Gabriela Martinez (Founder of Corasoma, Colombia), Neema Namadamu (Founder of Maman Shujaa Movement, DR Congo) . during Pocket Project Training in Israel in June 2017

Further endeavors of the cooperation are:

  • GEN and PP will collaborate on developing a training for ‘Trauma-informed Community Regeneration’ in order to support community resilience. GEN and PP will also collaborate on developing a ‘First Aid Trauma Relief’ training, empowering people to act in acute situations in crisis
  • GEN and PP will collaborate on coordinating electronic devices gifting and distribution to community leaders in vulnerable regions from the GEN network areas
  • GEN will advise and support the PP in the process of reaching UN Consultative Status
  • PP and GEN will host events together in order to raise awareness and to deepen the understanding of the nature of collective and intergenerational trauma, and its multiple effects in our culture