The End of the Incubation Period – A New Beginning

After the completion of the first one-year training the Pocket Project entered an incubation phase that was accompanied by various mentoring sessions. The training graduates were supported in developing their competencies through mentoring sessions, like “Mystical Principles and Collective Trauma”, “Cultural Architecture and Global Witnessing Practice” and “Subtle Competencies and Coherence”. The incubation period was scientifically framed by the two Pocket PhD students, who accompanied the training graduates with qualitative interviews as well as Social Presencing Theater.

A powerful and intense time is coming to an end and in addition to a lot of exploratory groups, the Pocket Project in now in the process of approving the official Pocket Groups and Competence Center.

Other groups continue to incubate and form their unique expression and the application process will continue.
The newly formed groups will be supported by supervision as well as annual colloquiums. We are delighted and look forward to collaboration.