Trauma Informed Leadership Course

With 360 participants from 50+ countries the Pocket Project is launching its first Trauma-informed Leadership Summer Online Course. The 5 month course is led by Thomas Hübl, and supported by Jens Riese, Robin Alfred, Karen Simms and Kosha Joubert, CEO of the Pocket Project. All proceeds go to support the Pocket Project’s non-profit work on restoring the fragmentation in our world.

​​70 full scholarships and 31 partial scholarships were granted to People of Color from the ‘Global South’ and/ or people who may have experienced systemic exclusion in their country of residence and don’t currently have the resources to cover the costs to apply. The course is primarily addressed to leaders in NGOs, social enterprises and change movements, and is open also to interested people with other backgrounds.

As leaders, we are called to raise our awareness of the multifaceted nature of trauma and to understand the impacts that trauma has on us, our teams, and our work in the world. Awareness is the first step in a cultural shift from trauma-inducing, to trauma-informed and, finally, trauma-integrating organizations.

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