Trauma Transformation in Community – a New Teaching Series has just started

In June 2018 the Pocket Project, in association with the Global Ecovillage Network (GEN), facilitated the first pilot training for “Trauma Transformation in Community” in Findhorn / Scottland. This training was born out of a deep calling to bring the vision and teachings of the Pocket Project together with trauma neuroscience and therapy skills (Giselle Charbonnier), and community building skills (Kosha Joubert), in order to have a faster, more effective, and sustainable reach into those places where therapeutic aid is scarce and trauma healing is most needed.

This first training was a deep and enriching journey into the understanding of collective trauma both for the facilitators and the 14 participants coming from various countries, such as: Colombia, Lithuania, South Africa, Mexico, Germany, Mianmar, Namibia, Norway, Spain, and UK. This was the starting point of a new training series that will take place in different regions around the world to support the growth of a community of skillfully trained people to enable sustainable change on the ground, in regions where it is most needed.

Here is a report by Gabriela, one of the training participants from Colombia, whose attendance was made possible through a scholarship. Some of the Pocket Project one year training participants and other donors through Betterplace and GoFundMe gifted generously. We wish to extend a heartfelt thank you to all the donors.

“The Trauma Transformation in Community training offered a beautiful integration of tools based on Thomas’s teachings on group coherence, transparent communication and intergenerational and collective trauma, within a sensitive setting.  The training was supported by the somatic trauma theory approach, together with a broad experience of community dynamics and resources. The workshop presented a solid framework as well as careful attention to the group process and coherence, which brought my attention to the subtle natural unfolding of relational dynamics in which collective trauma gets expressed and the identification of opportunities to repair this memory through supporting connectedness and promoting the awareness of the energy movements in the relational field.

This experience was a clear starting point to work with essential and practical tools to bring light into the collective memories and their driving forces, within a community setting, so important for my homeland, Colombia, during these times and taking into account the challenges of the peace process. In a practical way, for me the integration of these teachings is taking place through the work developed by Corasoma, an NGO created to work with social transformation processes, using integral approaches to be able to heal the points of pain, conflict and trauma of individuals, communities and territories in Colombia.”