VIDEO: William Ury and Thomas Hübl on Negotiation in Conflict Situations

William Ury, co-founder of Harvard’s program on negotiation and author of best-selling “Getting to Yes,” speaks with Thomas Hübl about the symptoms of trauma in several international...

VIDEO: Scilla Elworthy and Thomas Hübl on Trauma Integration

Dialogue between Thomas Hübl and Nobel Peace Prize nominee Dr. Scilla Elworthy as part of the Pocket Project.
We will be posting more articles and videos, by Thomas Hübl and other contributors, as well as links to relevant research studies, in the coming months.

VIDEO: About the Pocket Project

Thomas Hübl discusses the goals of The Pocket Project, an initiative dedicated to deepening our understanding of collective and intergenerational trauma, and to training groups of people worldwide to work effectively in conflict and trauma...