We will be posting more articles and videos, by Thomas Hübl and other contributors, as well as links to relevant research studies, in the coming months.

VIDEO: Building Community Coherence and Resilience

Topics of this talk: What does it mean to create community coherence? How can an individual or group leverage adversity to consciously build more resilience? How can we increase our relational capacity to self-regulate? How can we create coherent collective fields... learn more

VIDEO: Collective Witnessing for Deep Healing

In this talk we’ll look at: What is collective witnessing? What does it mean to create a field of presence either as the participant or observer and what effect does this have? How to use the power of the collective fields to heal trauma How collective... learn more

VIDEO: Collective Trauma In Our World Today

In this first event in the series, Thomas explored: How we are born into a pre-traumatized world and how collective trauma surfaces in times of stress and change How collective trauma gets created, passed through generations and re-triggered in times of stress How... learn more

VIDEO: Healing Collective Trauma

Thomas Hübl’s work explores and supports our quest for greater awareness, and in particular the implications of collective trauma for the development of our individual lives and for humanity in general. In this talk from SAND18 (Science and Nonduality Conference 2018)... learn more

VIDEO: Pocket Project at the Bermuda Conference

  Samvedam Randles, Pocket Project one-year training alumni, offered a presentation on “Intergenerational and Collective trauma” at the Bermuda conference to raise awareness of Adverse Childhood Experiences. She shares her experiences from the Pocket Project... learn more

VIDEO: About the Pocket Project

Thomas Hübl discusses the goals of The Pocket Project, an initiative dedicated to deepening our understanding of collective and intergenerational trauma, and to training groups of people worldwide to work effectively in conflict and trauma situations. learn more