Celebrate Life Festival 2019 – Donate phones, tablets & laptops to the Global South!

As the Pocket Project supports the growth of a sustainable community through its training formats (One-Year training and Trauma Transformation in Community training), we have a wish to further support our network in the global south by redistributing mobile phones, tablets and laptops.

In collaboration with the Global Ecovillage Network, we will redistribute electronic devices to places where there is difficult or no access to such goods.

With your donation, we can bring hope, inspiration and real survival tools to where they are most needed. You can bring the devices you wish to donate to the Celebrate Life Festival 2019, making sure they are in general good conditionclean and restored to factory settings, and any minor faults clearly reported.

We will then make sure they get to our network of outstanding leaders at the forefront of community-led strategies for sustainable change. These are key figures in rights and peace movements, poverty reduction, climate change and social justice.

Let’s weave webs of kindness and trust together, bringing sweet hope to places of harshness.

Cleaning Your Device Before Passing It On: Before giving away your devices (smartphone, tablet or laptop), please restore them to default settings.