“Journey of Restoration” Workshop led by Nicholas Janni in New York City

On February 2nd and 3rd Nicholas Janni led a two-day Open Workshop attended by 24 people – US East Coast Pocket Group members, Pocket Project graduates and others with various depth of affiliations to the work and field, including quite a few participants completely new to the Pocket Project and Thomas’ teachings. The workshop was organized by Robert Buxbaum and Christine Gerike and we had the privilege to assist Nicholas in the process, which led us all into connection with ancestral and collective trauma energies. The title of the workshop “The Journey of Restoration” describes the intention to restore our oneness with life, to turn back toward the energies, now frozen, that we contracted from when they were too much for our nervous systems to handle.

One core practice of the workshop was precision in noticing and being with whatever is present each moment, especially in our bodies and emotions, in realigning the word and the energy. It was an awe-inspiring two days for all of us with the creation of a safe space, beautifully precise and deep individual processes and an amazingly open, dedicated group of participants. Emerging from participants’ lineages and life experiences we touched topics including colonialism, immigration, slavery, our relation to money, men and women, and powerful healing occurred as well as a deeper experience of how these issues live in each of us. As Nicholas said at the start of the work: “We are an energetic fabric, but often we don´t feel this. When deep work occurs with one person, it affects the entire fabric.”

We received deeply grateful responses for the depth and intensity of the work during these days together. We are all learning and growing as we take this remarkable journey together. With humility, love, joy, and deep sense of service we intend to organize another open workshop in the next several months and would love to be contacted by anyone interested in attending.