Restoring a Fragmented World – the Celebrate Life Festival

The Celebrate Life Festival was born in 2004 in Germany and became one of the most popular and dynamic consciousness events in Europe. This year the Festival opened for the first time in the United States and was deeply dedicated to explore and inquire into essential practices of healing and restoration in response to the intensity of the fragmentation we are facing in our world. Find more information and an introduction to the speakers here.

Panel discussion with Thomas, Konda Mason, and Rev. angel Kyodo williams
Panel discussion with Thomas, Konda Mason, and Rev. angel Kyodo williams, exploring how racism operates and can be transformed on both structural and interpersonal levels in the United States.

A main focus of this year’s Festival was on race. “The honored speakers, Konda Mason and angel Kyodo williams, graced the audience with their centered kindness and firm resolve to help us see how the healing will start with a recognition of the lies we have been fed and the responsibility we need take in understanding how we continue to perpetuate these lies. The doctrine of white supremacy and privilege was intentionally created as a cultural standard and was written into law as a means of gaining status and wealth. Once the painful reality that “I am a white supremacist” is grasped, the subconscious is freed and, though there is still much work to be done, it is a liberating and enlightening experience for which I am deeply grateful. The magnificently soulful and uplifting musical performances at the end of the day certainly helped ones body, heart and mind regulate the shifts in consciousness which facing these realities opened.” (Elissa, Pocket Project volunteer)

CLF participants
CLF participants formed a circle around the hall at the Omega Institute in Rhinebeck / New York

The proceeds from the Festival will go to support the Pocket Project. This was a beautiful beginning and we are looking forward to all the projects, ideas and impulses that will arise from the Festival and help spread the work of the Pocket Project.

With deep gratitude to everyone who was part of making this event possible!