Sharing an Essential Moment at the Heiligenfeld Congress in Germany

At the Heiligenfeld Congress 2018, “Kairos – Shaping Change“, in Bad Kissingen, Germany, Thomas Hübl gave a lecture and workshop about presence, collective traumatization and the possibilities of healing. 
In his talk “An essential moment” Thomas spoke to more than 1000 people about non-duality and how traumatization hinder us from being fully present in each moment. Drawing on mystic traditions, he outlined the complex nature of time and explained how trauma works as a frozen life force, keeping us in the “aftertime” of trauma, until healing may occur. Thomas emphasized the collective nature of traumatization like the Second World War as something we are born into and which we are often unconscious of. He stressed the importance of addressing these traumatic events collectively and pointed out the possibilities of an enhanced group consciousness in order to heal and integrate the past.

Deepening knowledge and understanding at the workshop

In the following two-hour-workshop, Thomas elaborated these thoughts further, depicting how trauma happens now, in every moment, even if the actual traumatic event happened decades ago. He acknowledged the response to traumatic events as an intelligent resource by the nervous system of each individual and pointed out, how trauma can be healed by offering “precise relationships” which effectively deal with traumatic events. 
Due to the omnipresent nature of traumatization, Thomas spoke about the importance of addressing trauma collectively and spiritually rather than individually and made it possible for the participants to experience group consciousness and response directly.

Bringing awareness to the effects of collective trauma on our culture

In his warm and insightful talk, he introduced many new and pioneering ideas in this important field and presented the Pocket Project as an international initiative to further address and explore collective traumatization and integration. The workshop closed with an extensive Q & A. 
I personally found the notion that we are not alone in whatever our experiences might have been very helpful and am looking forward to further exploring and sharing the methods, tools and knowledge facilitated by the Pocket Project.