Toward the Integration of Collective Trauma in a Time of Exponential Change

“…..Yet, despite our relative species success, at this stage in our brief history we face greater disruption and uncertainty than perhaps at any other time. The changes that have occurred in the modern era alone – from the rise of the Industrial Revolution through to the Digital Age – mark a period of unprecedented transformation. Silicon chip-based technologies are now advancing at an exponential rate, creating a progressive leap the human mind has not yet evolved to intuit or understand. A tremendous evolutionary pressure is mounting in the form of technological expression. Its full emergence may generate a revolution that will topple many centuries-old structures of consciousness and ways of life. To alter these structures is not merely to change history, but to change our very selves. And yet, there can be no doubt: our world requires new structures, new systems”. By Julie Jordan Avritt and Thomas Hübl. Read complete article published in SpandaJournal_VII,1