Collective Trauma & Climate Change


Inviting Global Healing

Pocket project @ UN Climate Change Conference

6.-18. NOVEMBER 2022

Trauma is at the root of our inaction in the face of Climate Change. Trauma symptoms of numbness, apathy, hyper-activation and polarisation dramatically slow down our ability to respond adequately. Trauma is the sand in the system and the reason it is so hard to implement our good intentions and climate agreements.

As we expanded our global healing movement, through meditations, updates from COP27, interviews with Thomas Hübl and others, and news from communities on the frontlines of the climate crisis – helping restore our collective sensitivity and compassion and increase our flow of possibility and potential. 


Program Overview:

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Meaningful conversations

We explored the importance of trauma-informed approaches for more effective Climate Change action. Allowing ourself to be inspired by inspirational conversations.



Exciting live introductions and short updates about what was happening on the ground at COP27.

Icons_Global Social Wittnessing

Communities on the frontlines

We mindfully attended to Climate Change with embodied awareness, thereby shifting from being bystanders to responding from our hearts, minds and bodies.


Movie screening

In partnership with the Roots of Resilience Project, we were screening Once You Know, a 144-minute life-changing documentary featuring Emmanuel Cappellin in his journey across the abyss of a world at the edge of climate-induced collapse.

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Collective Trauma summit

We were pleased to present the climate-focused speaker talks being made available as part of the Pocket Project‘s partnership with the Collective Trauma Summit.


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Women for Women

Group Experience (English/ Ukrainian)

Facilitator : Anne Huhn

This is a Group Session held by women for those that identify as women. We are offering a safe space to explore and witness gender-specific experiences in times of war and instability. Welcome!

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Community of Practice

Inner Space & Relatedness (English)

Facilitator : Giselle Charbonnier

Growing our capacity to relate to and integrate shocking events.

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Global Social Witnessing

Tending to the Ancestral and Cultural Wounds of War (English/ Ukrainian)

Facilitator : Patrick Dougherty, Rae Riedel, Simon Courtney

The war in Ukraine is stirring many deep unhealed wounds of war, both ancestral and cultural, for people outside of Ukraine. Old trauma can leave us with feelings of stress, a separateness from others, and can make it hard to stay present to the world around us and also what is happening in Ukraine.

Meaningful Conversations

Thomas Huebl (2) 2

Thomas Hübl
Listening to the Wind of Change

Tue, Nov 8 7-8.30pm

Thomas Hübl is a renowned teacher, author, and international facilitator whose lifelong work integrates the core insights of the great wisdom traditions and mysticism with the discoveries of science. Since the early 2000s, he has been facilitating large-scale events and courses that focus on the healing and integration of trauma, with a special focus on the shared history of Israelis and Germans. Over the last decade, he has facilitated dialogue with thousands of people around healing the collective traumas of racism, oppression, colonialism, genocides in the U.S., Israel, Germany, Spain, and Argentina. He is the author of the book Healing Collective Trauma: A Process for Integrating Our Intergenerational and Cultural Wounds, available here. His non-profit organization, the Pocket Project, works to support the healing of collective trauma throughout the world.

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Charles Eisenstein Small 02 (2)

Charles Eisenstein
Trusting What the Heart Knows

Thu, Nov 10 7-8.30pm

Charles Eisenstein is an essayist and the author of several books, including The More Beautiful World our Hearts Know is Possible


John D. Liu
Ecosystem Restoration

Tue, Nov 13 7-8.30pm

John D. Liu, Filmmaker, Ecologist, Founder of Ecosystem Restoration Camps, a grassroots movement to regenerate degraded lands worldwide. John made the documentaries Green Gold, a Prix Italia award winner, and Hope in a Changing Climate, named the best ecosystem film at the International Wildlife Film Festival.

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Nora Bateson
Where does deep change grow from?

Thu, Nov 17 7-8.30pm

Nora Bateson is an award-winning filmmaker, research designer, writer, educator, international lecturer, as well as President of the International Bateson Institute based in Sweden. Her work asks the question “How we can improve our perception of the complexity we live within, so we may improve our interaction with the world?”.

She wrote, directed and produced the documentary, An Ecology of Mind, a portrait of Gregory Bateson.
Nora’s work brings the fields of biology, cognition, art, anthropology, psychology, and information technology together into a study of the patterns in ecology of living systems.

Her book, Small Arcs of Larger Circles, released by Triarchy Press, UK, 2016 is a revolutionary personal approach to the study of systems and complexity.

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Brother Embrace

Brother Phap Dung
UN COP27 - Closing

Fri, Nov 18 7-8.30pm

Brother Phap Dung (pronounced “Yung”)  is a senior Teacher in Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh’s Plum Village community. Born in Vietnam in 1969, he escaped  with his family aged ten and became a refugee in America. He has helped bring a spiritual dimension to ecological activism and the climate movement, representing his community at the Paris COP21. Brother Phap Dung is passionate about bringing mindfulness practice and well-being into educational settings, offering young people an alternative and sustainable way to engage themselves with the social, racial, and environmental challenges of our times.

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Brother Spirit

Brother Spirit
UN COP27 - Closing

Fri, Nov 18 7-8.30pm

Brother Spirit also known as Brother Pháp Linh, is a Zen Buddhist monk ordained by Thich Nhat Hanh. A musician and mathematician, he is pioneering new approaches in the meeting of science and contemplation. He is becoming a leading voice in a new generation of young monastics, helping to bring awareness and healing to the collective trauma of climate grief and anxiety.

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Matthew Green

Fri, Nov 6 7-8.30pm & Thu, Nov 17 7-8.30pm

Matthew Green is a journalist working to understand how an understanding of collective trauma can help solve the climate crisis. After working for years as an international correspondent for the Financial Times and Reuters, covering conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan, he returned to Britain to write Aftershock, a book about military veterans and their families finding new ways to heal from the psychological scars of war. Since then he has focused on reporting on climate change, and is now global investigations editor at nonprofit climate news service DeSmog. He was a host of the Collective Trauma Summit 2022 and writes the Resonant World newsletter on healing collective trauma. He lives in south-west London with his wife Genevieve and their daughter Matilda. 

Visit Matthew’s website here:

Please visit Matthew Green’s website here.

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Emmanuel Cappellin
Once You Know

Emmanuel is a documentary filmmaker and producer at Pulp Films. After growing up between France and the US, studying
Environmental Studies at McGill University, and film at Berkeley Digital Film Institute, Emmanuel chose non-fiction to creatively explore the relationship between humans and planet Earth. His work began with Oscar-winning film animator Frédéric Back
in 2006, followed by shorts, docs (To the
Tar Sands – DOXA, CIFF) and private
commissions (Thoughts & Reflections –
China). He now shoots for television
(ARTE, France3) and cinema, regularly
collaborating with Yann Arthus-Bertrand
for world-releases such as Climate Voices,
HUMAN, or WOMAN (Venice Mostra
2015 and 2019), and has most recently
been directing ONCE YOU KNOW, his
first feature doc.

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communities on the frontlines

Copy of Sarah Queblatin (Creative) (1)

Sarah Queblatin
Witnessing Philippines

Mon, Nov 7 7-8.30pm

Sarah Queblatin is an inclusive regenerative design strategist passionate in transforming the narrative of Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) into “Design for Resilience and Regeneration.” With a background in mental health and psycho-social support, ecopsychology, and expressive arts, she applies a trauma-informed understanding of regenerative resilience in her work with climate and conflict vulnerable communities. Sarah is a founding member of Permaculture for Refugees and is contributing to ways to decolonize permaculture through Principle 0. She has worked with the Global Ecovillage Network for its UN and Advocacy program and served as representative to the UN Climate conferences. She founded Green Releaf Initiative in the Philippines, one of the most climate vulnerable nations in the world, working with regenerative solutions for food sovereignty, regenerative livelihood, and ecosystem restoration. She combines this work with a passion project called Living Story Landscapes, working with cultural memory and imagination with culture bearers and creatives in designing places of remembrance, resilience, and regeneration in communities facing loss and damages from climate emergencies. Sarah is a recipient of the Next Generation Award of the Arts and Healing Network in 2012 for her work with rituals and ceremonies for the peace process in the Philippines.

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Linda Kabaira_edited

Linda Kabaira
Witnessing Zimbabwe

Wed, Nov 9 7-8.30pm

Linda Kabaira is a passionate regenerative food grower, agroecology practitioner and trainer with two decades of implementing sustainable and regenerative food systems initiatives in communities at both field and programming aka-managerial level. She currently serves as the country coordinator for Zimbabwe Institute of Permaculture- SCOPE Zimbabwe. She Initiated the founding of the Ecovillage@Chitubu, a growing off-grid sustainability Centre 23km West of Harare, Zimbabwe. She is also in her final stage of a PhD research in agroecology water and resilience focusing on exploring alternative agrifood systems in Africa. She volunteered and served on Global Ecovillage Network board for 5 years until February 2021.

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Daria Yemets (1)

Daria Yemets
Witnessing Ukraine

Fri, Nov 11 6-7.30pm

Daria Yemets is a psychologist and researcher, born in Kharkiv, Ukraine. She works in the field of collective trauma and aims to address the transgenerational trauma transmission and to maintain historical truth in Ukraine. Currently, is working in alliance with the Pocket Project, developing Ukraine Support Project. 

Since the Russian invasion in 2022 she has been coordinating Ukrainian therapists and health care specialists with international educational web in order to maintain a sufficient level of professionalism in the face of war, nuclear thread and ecological catastrophes.

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IMG_2273 2

Volodymyr Gandziura
Witnessing Ukraine

Fri, Nov 11 6-7.30pm

Volodymyr Gandziura was born in Kyiv in the family of a writer. Graduated from the Faculty of Biology of Taras Shevchenko University of Kyiv, where he has been working since 1979. Doctor of Biological Sciences (Ecology), Professor of the Department of Ecology and Zoology of Shevchenko University, Director of the Center for European and Euro-Atlantic Integration of the Academy of the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Natural Resources of Ukraine.

Main scientific researches – quantitative assessment of environmental quality, material-energy and information mechanisms of ecosystems functioning under varying degrees of anthropogenic load, restoration of human-disturbed ecosystems, improvement of the National System of Sustainability.

Since 2006 – member of the Coordination and Supervisory Board for the implementation of the Program for the rehabilitation of territories contaminated by military activities for 2002-2015 under the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine. 

He completed two-year courses at the Diplomatic Academy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine on Euro-Atlantic integration. Many other diplomas.

Prepared 9 candidates of sciences. He has more than 140 scientific publications.

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Katherine 2 2

Katherine Poco-Enders Witnessing California, USA

Mon, Nov 14 7-8.30pm

Katherine Poco-Enders lives in the Pacific Northwest on Duwamish land. She is a descendent of Comanche Native American war-chiefs, warriors, and medicine men. She has facilitated groups and workshops for the Womxn’s March and music festivals. As she walks with her ancestors, she has also held witnessing grounding meditative space for families and survivors of Missing and Murdered Indigenous People and for her community processing the traumatic legacy of Indian boarding schools. Katherine has been a student of Thomas Hübl since 201: ? is currently in the American and European Core Group; and a participant in the 2022 Collective Trauma Facilitator Training, and is apart of the current TWT Global Team. She also was a trainee for the Pocket Project International Lab on Racialized Trauma. She has been in a training program with Thomas Hübl in which she has studied transparent communication and actively practices deep shadow work, cultivating an understanding of subtle competencies and deepening in meditation techniques. As a Buddhist, she has studied with a Tibetan teacher of the Gelug tradition and has received teachings from His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama and the Karmapa.

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margaritaolartez 2

Margarita O. Zethelius
Witnessing Colombia

Wed, Nov 16 7-8.30pm

Margarita O. Zethelius is an activist for life. She works to create places, programs and life change experiences that bring together care for Mother Earth and the wellbeing of humanity. Biologist with MSc in Conservation and Rural Development, founder and codirector of Falun Natural Reserve in the Andean region and the UBUNTU Center for experimentation and training in Sustainability in the Rosario Islands, in Colombia. For the last 25 years she has been involved in the development of several alternative programs, including ecotourism, environmental education projects, creation of new private reserves, ecovillages and educational strategies developed by local communities in the face of Climate Change and highly violent environments. Currently does the representation of the Council of Sustainable Settlements of Latin America CASA in the Global Ecovillage Network GEN.

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Updates from COP27


Sonita Mbah

General Updates from Cop27

Sonita Mbah is combining her role at The Pocket Project with her Masters in World Heritage Studies. She is a passionate food grower, Permaculture designer and facilitator. For over 10 years, she was the Administrator of Better World Cameroon and co-initiator of Bafut Ecovillage, an off-grid learning center North West of Cameroon. As Executive Secretary of the Global Ecovillage Network Africa, she brings regenerative community and social enterprise development to several African communities.  In 2017, Sonita received the Gender Just Climate Solutions Award by the Women and Gender Constituency for empowering women on the earthen cook stove technology. Driven by her passion for healing colonial trauma, Sonita took the Principles of Collective Trauma Healing course with Thomas Hübl.

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Claire Kaufman_square

Claire Kaufman

Mon Nov 7 7-8.30pm

Claire Kaufman is a Masters in Public Affairs student at Princeton University focused on international climate policy. Her prior roles include sustainability policy advisor for the former Mayor of Tucson, Arizona, and nonprofit environmental program management focused on green business and biodiversity. She’s passionate about equitable climate mitigation, renewable energy, international environmental justice, and sustainable cities. Originally from Los Angeles, Claire enjoys yoga, writing, and anything outside. 

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Gina Cortes_Lve Update

Gina Cortés Valderrama

Wed Nov 9 7-8.30pm

Gina Cortés Valderrama, is the Co-Focal Point for the Women & Gender Constituency, from Colombia Gina is currently working on gender, human rights, and climate change policy issues at the organization – Women Engage for a Common Future. She is part of various youth networks such as the Heinrich-Böll Stiftung, Global Solutions Initiative and the Colombian collective Aluna Minga.

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Caroline Mair

Caroline Mair-Toby

Thu Nov 10 7-8.30pm

Caroline Mair-Toby is a lawyer and international environmental law specialist, the Founder and Director of the Institute for Small Islands; the Chief Empowerment Officer at SHE Changes Climate; and an Associate Attorney. She has worked with various NGOs advising at the United Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) negotiations on and off since 2011, facilitating legal and technical advice to Small Island Developing States (SIDS) and Least Developed Countries (LDCs), and in the past days has been supporting the delegations from Trinidad and Tobago.

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Elise Buckle

Tue, Nov 15 7-8.30pm

Elise Buckle has been working in the field of climate and sustainability for over 20 years. She is Co-Founder of SHE Changes Climate, Co-President of Climate & Sustainability and Board Member of the Climate Action Accelerator.

She is a globally recognized expert in climate policy, partnership building, systemic change, and public participation facilitation.

She has a strong track record of building successful global alliances to deliver positive impacts for climate, people and nature, including the Planetary Emergency Partnership, the Nature-Based Solutions Coalition hosted by the UN, the Leaders Pledge for Nature and the G7/G20 Summit alliances for sustainable finance.

She is able to bring together and align a wide range of stakeholders including business CEOs, UN, governments, unions, NGOs and local authorities. 

She led and facilitated several successful local participatory Citizens Forums.

Elise is professor at the Glion Institute and the Graduate Institute in Environmental Policy and Executive Leadership for Sustainability.

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Screenshot 2022-11-15 at 16.15.41 copy

Mohammed Anwar Shaheen

Wed, Nov 16 7-8.30pm

Mohammed Anwar has a long experience in the field of Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) as He managed and coordinated many international projects that focus on improvement of quality      of education for sustainable development in higher education and pre-university education institutions.  He holds 2 master’s degrees in the field of ESD & ICT from Ludwigsburg university of education, Germany & Frederick university, Cyprus. His Ph.D. research investigating how leadership for sustainability could promote ESD in higher education institutions. He is currently working as Director of Rural Development Centre at Heliopolis University with more focus on community development, community-based learning, and social transformation in rural areas surrounding Sekem community in /  Sharkia , Egypt. 

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