Trauma-Informed Leadership II Course 2022 – український

Курс з травма-інформованого лідерства II за участю Томаса Губла та команди ДЛЯ СПІЛЬНОТ, НДО ТА ОРГАНІЗАЦІЙ З ДОПОМОГИ ТРАВЕНЬ – ВЕРЕСЕНЬ 2022 З огляду на те, що в останні роки […]

Trauma-Informed Leadership II Course 2022

Trauma-informed Leadership II Course with Thomas Hübl May to September 2022 How can we, as leaders, become focal points for relationality, coherence and safety in our spheres of influence? How can we help […]

Trauma-Informed Leadership in Community

Trauma-informed Leadership in Community Course with Kosha Joubert Findhorn Foundation & Community, January to June 2022 The Findhorn Foundation, in partnership with the Pocket Project, will be offering this 6-month […]

Trauma-Informed Leadership Course 2021

Trauma-informed Leadership Course with Thomas Hübl As leaders, we are called to raise our awareness of the multifaceted nature of trauma and understand its impact on us, our teams, and our […]