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Trauma-informed Leadership Course with Thomas Hübl

As leaders, we are called to raise our awareness of the multifaceted nature of trauma and understand its impact on us, our teams, and our work in the world. Awareness is the first step in a cultural shift from trauma-inducing, to trauma-informed and, finally, trauma-integrating organizations.

The Pocket Project is offering this self-study online course, building on our summer course 2021, to develop trauma-informed awareness and strengthen our sources of resilience and sensitivity. As leaders, we aim to build the future of our teams and organisations on solid, and not fragmented, foundations.

This course will allow you to expand your awareness of your life, organisation and society to include those movements that take place below the surface and give rise to your every-day experience. We often wish to free ourselves from recurring patterns of friction and finding ways to express our love and service more genuinely and effectively. Instead of being caught in the symptoms, you will acquire the ability to turn your gaze to the unseen layers and trace back the lines of creation to their origins.

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This course will Give you access to

Tools for the cultivation of mindfulness and spaciousness in uncertain times - nurturing awareness, self-growth and compassion

Tools and frameworks to refine your personal leadership purpose in alignment with the purpose of your organisation and your service to the world

An ability to engage more skilfully with team challenges, including the ability to respond more adequately to symptoms of stress and trauma

An increased capacity for Global Social Witnessing, becoming more holistically present to and learning from the environments your organisation serves

Leadership strategies for fluid organisational change in response to the complexity of a rapidly changing world

Access to a global network of like-minded conscientious innovators and change-makers

Programme outline

Module 1: Leading in Times of Crisis

Module 2: Principles of Resilience, Resourcing and Trauma-Informed Living

Module 3: Leadership & Personal Resilience

Module 4: Leadership & Team Resilience

Module 5: Leading from the Future

Module 6: Leadership & Organisational Resilience

Module 7: Racialized Trauma & Organizational Resilience

Module 8: Leadership & Collective Resilience

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