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At a time of profound instability and growing disruption, the WORLD WOMEN SUMMIT reminds us of our capacity for love and fierce compassion in the face of hardship and despair. 
We learn from those who have achieved miracles of peace to align ourselves with the mechanism of healing in the fabric of life and disrupt cycles of violence. In the intimacy of presence and relatedness, life can open back into the deep commitment of togetherness. This series serves as a tribute to the resilience of the human spirit and a call to action for collective responsibility in shaping a more peaceful and inclusive world.
Our team is working hard behind the scenes, carefully curating all the summit content just for you. From inspiring keynotes to updates from women on the frontlines and mindfulness practices, we’re putting together something special.
Within 48 hours of the interview, stream or mindfulness practice going live, our team will add the content here for you to access indefinitely.
Thanks again for your support. In doing so you have helped this summit to reach all corners of the globe with free insights, tools and practices for trauma-informed action.

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