This summit is hosted in partnership with the Pocket Project.

Thomas Hübl hosts 45+ experts on the topic of collective trauma including pioneering psychotherapists, neuroscientists, Indigenous elders and activists, acclaimed poets and authors, climate scientists and so many more. During this 10-day global event, we will create a powerful container and energy to bring awareness to this topic, while providing key action steps you can take to be part of the solution.

There is a growing recognition that our individual, ancestral, and collective trauma are ALL interconnected and affect all aspects of our lives. But there is a difference between seeing trauma and actively working towards practical solutions. How can we take action? How can we create circumstances for integration and restoration? Explore the potential for healing with speaker talks, live online events, and poetry readings, as well as movement practices, integration sessions, guided contemplation, and panel discussions.


In 2020 Thomas Hübl, with co-hosts Laura Calderon de la Barca, Kosha Joubert and Robin Alfred, engaged 40+ experts on the topic of collective trauma, including leading psychotherapists, neuroscientists, indigenous wisdom keepers, biologists, artists, poets and professors. This 10-day global event offered compelling conversations that left people more trauma-informed and inspired. We explored the potential for healing personal, intergenerational, and collective trauma with speakers and talks, as well as poetry, meditation, and music. The summit was brought to you by Inner Science LLC, in partnership with the Pocket Project.


In  2019  (October 12-20, 2019), the Pocket Project co-hosted the first 9-day Collective Trauma Summit. The event was free to attend and included inspiring talks from 29 leading visionaries, psychotherapists, mediators, researchers, and peacemakers. Thomas Hübl and the co-hosts Kosha Joubert, Robin Alfred and Terry Patten engaged in compelling conversations with cultural influencers to advance understanding, inspire dialogue and explore the potential for healing personal, intergenerational and collective trauma.

The event was the first of its kind and had an enormous impact, connecting more than 52,000 people in 176 countries in interdisciplinary discourse. The intention to spark a dialogue and initiate a global exchange process led to an expansion of awareness of collective trauma and the initiation of the next level of restoration work.

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