Free Online Support Sessions, offered during the COVID-19 pandemic

The Corona Aid Trauma Prevention Project was initiated in response to the global COVID-19 pandemic crisis. The mission was to build online support networks and offer free online support calls for healthcare workers and others struggling with severe stress and isolation. One of the priorities was to support healthcare professionals in their resilience and sustainability. Our healthcare systems protect our ‘global immune system’ and need to be strengthened and supported.

As a crisis intervention program, the goal of these interventions was to cultivate social stability and resilience. The Pocket Project works on collective trauma integration, but also on collective trauma prevention: this initiative served as an intervention during the unfolding of events to minimise the increase of collective trauma.

The Corona Aid Trauma Prevention Project was operated entirely through donations and volunteer efforts. In early April 2020, as the scale of the pandemic became apparent, volunteers were recruited from the Pocket Project’s network of professional healthcare specialists, psychologists, therapists, mediators, facilitators and coaches, who contributed their time pro bono. All Pocket Project facilitators have studied in-depth with Thomas Hübl, as well as bringing their personal professional training to the table.

A team of senior therapists and facilitators lead support sessions for healthcare employees who were experiencing both internal and external stress as they worked, and continue to work, on the frontlines of the pandemic.

During the calls, the trauma-informed expertise of the facilitators and the safety of well-held, coherent group spaces, provided opportunities for both frontline healthcare workers and members of the public to sit together and ground in somatic awareness, deep listening, and inner resilience.

In total, 2515 participants joined the calls that were offered, 421 in the calls that purely addressed healthcare workers, 2094 in the calls that addressed mixed groups. The calls were offered in English, German, and Spanish. We also offered 1:1 support for people who were experiencing more intense forms of inner crises.

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