The International Labs are online groups that meet with the support of trained Pocket Project facilitators to explore the historic layering, architecture and specific expression of collective fields of trauma. The Labs will also explore sources of resilience and possibilities for restoration and integration. They will be accompanied by a framework of scientific research. Individual labs might have numbers of twenty to hundreds of people. The Labs will deepen the foundation for the work of the Pocket Project to deepen our understanding, build awareness of and integrate the collective trauma aftereffects of individuals and societies.

The process has 3 levels

  • The individual awareness level of each participant
  • The collective awareness level of the group and building of a refined sensitivity to collective synchronization and coherence. The Individual & Collective Process Coherence Model (ICPCM) is a unique body of facilitation, that was developed and taught by Thomas Huebl over 18 years.
  • A meta process of reflection and collective learning

The Labs will be initiated and supervised by Thomas Huebl, and will start with a first cycle in autumn 2020.


  • Send us your name and email address and we will inform you as soon as the Labs are open: