The International Labs are online groups that meet with the support of trained Pocket Project facilitators to explore the historic layeringarchitecture and specific expression of collective fields of trauma. The Labs will also explore sources of resilience and possibilities for restoration and integration. They will be accompanied by a framework of scientific research. Individual labs might have numbers of twenty to hundreds of people. The Labs will deepen the foundation for the work of the Pocket Project to deepen our understanding, build awareness of and integrate the collective trauma aftereffects of individuals and societies.

The Labs will be supervised by Thomas Huebl, and will start with a first cycle in November 2020.


Climate Change & Collective Trauma – Global

Women & Gender-based Trauma – Global

War & Its Impact on Families and Communities – Global

Colonialism & Collective Trauma – Europe & Africa

Colonialism & Collective Trauma in Latin America

Colonialism & Collective Trauma – The Netherlands & Belgium

The Legacy of the Holocaust – Collective Trauma in Israel, Palestine & Germany

Trauma & Resilience in times of Covid – Global

Racialized Trauma & the Pathway to Restoration in the US

Historical trauma – Roots and belonging on Native American land

The Legacy of White Privilege & Collective Trauma in the US

The Legacy of Immigration – Separation & Belonging in the US

The Legacy of Immigration – Separation & Belonging in Israel

Collective & Transgenerational Trauma in Argentina

Collective & Transgenerational Trauma in Austria

Collective & Transgenerational Trauma in Bangladesh

Collective & Transgenerational Trauma in the Balkans

Collective & Transgenerational Trauma in Brazil

Collective & Transgenerational Trauma in Colombia

Collective & Transgenerational Trauma in Germany

Collective & Transgenerational Trauma in Japan

Collective & Transgenerational Trauma in Mexico

Collective & Transgenerational Trauma in Uruguay

Supervisors - International Labs



is a psychologist and psychotherapist. She is trained in various aspects of humanistic therapy (psychotherapy, behavioural therapy, integrative body psychotherapy, family constellation work, trauma work). Anne has accompanied people in crisis situations for 30 years. In her work with individuals, couples and groups, she integrates psychotherapeutic and intuitive knowledge to open spaces of experiential growth, development and awareness. She invites people to confront their own shadow aspects in order to find healing. She develops seminars and annual courses for women. Anne is a trainer and assistant in the Timeless Wisdom Training and in the Pocket Project training for collective and intergenerational trauma integration. She is part of the research group ‘Mysticism and Healing’.



is a certified psychotherapist (behavioral therapist) (DGVT) and supervisor (DGVT), as well as a licensed child and youth psychotherapist. For 20 years, she has been working in a psychiatric day clinic. For the past 10 years, she has also offered psychotherapeutic group and individual sessions in private practice. Heidi is a supervisor for therapists, psychologists and treatment teams and trains psychotherapists in self-awareness. Heidi’s mission is to create spaces for healing. Heidi has been a student of Thomas Hübl for over ten years and is a member of his Inner Science Training Group. She is an assistant in the Timeless Wisdom Training and part of the research group ‘Mysticism and Healing’.



has 30 years of experience in accompanying people, especially in body therapy (physiotherapy, osteopathy) and also in personal development and growth. Markus works to help his clients develop a deeper sensitivity for tensions in their body and the body’s energy field as well as their origins. He works with people both in his practice and also online internationally. Since 2002 Markus has had intensive contact with Thomas Hübl and has accompanied people and their personal processes during Thomas Hübl’s seminars and online courses for many years. Since 2011 he has also been involved in the training and further education of the team of assistants.