Climate Change & Collective Trauma – Global

Climate Change & Collective Trauma – Global

Facilitators: Louise Marra and Jens Riese; trainees: Hans-Ulrich Streit, Nancy Jane, Scott Ligertwood
Language: English


Climate Change and Collective trauma – this lab explores the collective trauma emerging from our disconnection from nature and the living planet – and from the resulting crisis of Climate Change. We will be seeking to feel and ‘presence’ how trauma shapes our worldviews and institutions in ways that separate us from nature and keep us from being able to respond adequately. How is extinction in the outer world reflected within us? We will explore inter-being and how reconnection and restoration of our relationships to the living world is vital. What are the ingredients that might make it possible for us to heal together? We will explore these questions through the specific perspectives and experiences that participants bring.

We will be exploring

  • What constitutes the historical background to our disconnect from the living planet and the current climate crisis?
  • How has our disconnection from the planet influenced the construction of identity for us as humans and as humanity and how does that, in turn, influence our ability to arrive at solutions together?
  • How is the extinction of species in the world reflected within us?
  • How does our disconnection from the planet lead to the climate crisis, and the cultural architecture and institutional barriers that influence our ability, as humanity, to find and implement appropriate solutions?
  • How does our use of language reflect and reinforce the consequences of this trauma?
  • Can we collectively create a coherent we-space and a process of witnessing that enables a reconnection to the planet and a re-setting of how we approach and work with our climate emergency?
  • What can we do as individuals or in our community/our organization:
    personally – transforming ourselves; practically – transforming our behavior; systemically – transforming our institutions?

Participants are asked to commit to

  • Be present for the duration of the cycle of the Lab (please see the dates below) with three weekly 90 min sessions, individual practices and, optionally, triads.
  • Be present for introductory calls to basic competencies (or to watch the recordings), especially should you be new to this field of work
  • Show up with mindfulness and authenticity and exploring your own connection to the planet.
  • Ensure to be free from the influence of drugs.
  • Assume confidentiality – all personal sharing within this Lab will be kept confidential and names of other participants will not be shared, nor will they be described.
  • Assume self-responsibility for your health – this Lab does not provide therapy or treatment.

Max. group size: 50

Time: 7:30pm Central European Time (Please check here to find the time in your location)

Dates: 26 November; 17 December; 12 January; 4 February; 23 February; 18 March; 6 April; 29 April; 26 May; 10 June 2021


Lab Team

Louise Marra
has post graduate qualifications in environmental management, public policy and Jungian and Transpersonal psychology.  She has trained with Thomas Hübl for many years including through the Pocket Project. She is an executive coach and group process leader employing many different modalities including somatic therapies.  She  works mainly with diverse groups of leaders on transforming patterns of the past and leading for systems change, within us and within the whole.  She has worked for Prime Ministers, boards, NGOs, corporate teams, public sector and philanthropy across the globe in emergent practice, social innovation and leadership.  She is deeply connected to the living planet and all its beings, and is part of the Ngai Tuhoe tribe in New Zealand and is passionate about reconnecting people as nature.

Jens Riese
works as transformational coach, trauma therapist, leadership trainer and social change facilitator. He has been supporting government, NGO and company leaders, as well as communities through transformations for 20 years. As Senior Partner at McKinsey he co-founded and led practices for sustainability, economic development and centered leadership. Jens supported more than 20 countries and 50 companies in designing and implementing plans for a more sustainable and resilient economy. He pioneered the use of lab approaches to engage diverse stakeholders from all sectors in social change and crisis recovery, incl. in Tanzania, Ethiopia, Sierra Leone and Papua New Guinea. Jens has been studying intensively with Thomas Hübl and has hosted some of his online events. His therapeutic training includes IFS, NARM, NLP, LCP, somatic and team coaching. He has a PhD and research background in developmental and evolutionary biology as well as environmental management.

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