Collective & Transgenerational Trauma in Bangladesh

Collective & Intergenerational Trauma in Bangladesh

Facilitators: Louise Marra and Patrick Dougherty; trainee: David Sherman
Language: English


As within so without – an integration process of the collective and intergenerational trauma within Bangladesh, with a focus on the education system via Teach for Bangladesh a NGO working to expand and lift educational opportunities to all children.

We will be exploring

  • What constitutes the historical background to the intergenerational trauma in Bangladesh?
  • How does collective and intergenerational trauma influence the construction of identity and the processes of “othering” and being othered?
  • How does collective and intergenerational trauma In Bangladesh influence the development of cultural architecture in the education system and outcomes for children.
  • How does our use of language reflect and reinforce the consequences of this trauma within the system?
  • How does collective and intergenerational trauma show itself and collide with other global traumas eg Covid19, climate crisis
  • Can coherent we spaces and a process of witnessing collective and intergenerational trauma lead to an integration and eventual healing of collective trauma?

Participants are asked to commit to

  • Be present for the duration of the cycle of the Lab – two-hour sessions once a fortnight, triads once a week, individual practices – about four hours a fortnight.
  • Be present for introductory calls to basic competencies (or to watch the recordings), especially should you be new to this field of work
  • Show up with mindfulness and authenticity and explore questions like:
    • How do I participate in the integration of this trauma and how do I perpetuate it?
    • How do I participate in othering?
  • Ensure to be free from the influence of drugs.
  • Assume confidentiality – all personal sharing within this Lab will be kept confidential and names of other participants will not be shared, nor will they be described.
  • Assuming self-responsibility for your health – this Lab does not provide therapy or treatment.

Max. group size: 50

This group is currently closed!

Lab Team

Louise Marra
has post graduate qualifications in environmental management, public policy and Jungian and Transpersonal psychology. She has trained with Thomas Hübl for many years including through the Pocket Project. She is an executive coach and group process leader employing many different modalities including somatic therapies. She works mainly with diverse groups of leaders on transforming patterns of the past and leading for systems change, within us and within the whole. She has worked for Prime Ministers, boards, NGOs, corporate teams, public sector and philanthropy across the globe in emergent practice, social innovation and leadership. She is deeply connected to the living planet and all its beings, and is part of the Ngai Tuhoe tribe in New Zealand and is passionate about reconnecting people as nature.

Patrick Dougherty
is a licensed psychologist who has over 40 years of clinical work and decades of working with social despair and collective trauma. The last 5 years he has been developing models and protocols to support therapists, individuals and groups to stay in good relationships as they work towards integrating trauma. Stemming from his experience as a Vietnam veteran, he has a focus on collective trauma cause by involvement in or experience of armed violence, war and genocide. He has been with the Pocket Project since its inception.

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This group is currently closed!