Collective & Transgenerational Trauma in the Balkans

Collective & Intergenerational Trauma in the Balkans

Facilitators: Gregor Steinmaurer, Amela Tahirovic, Nikola Jurisic; trainee: Susanne Stillhammer
Language: English


This research lab is focused on exploring the landscape of collective trauma – current and historical – in the larger region of the Balkans (Ex Yugoslavia, plus Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, Albania and Greece). The lab invites people from all nations, ethnicities, religions and other relevant subgroups from the Balkan region to come together, to explore the unintegrated past in this area, and its impacts on the current situation in the region, in terms of a broad number of societal dimensions including cultural, political, socio-economic.

  • Developing a shared understanding of the major historical layers in the region. Major formative events, and shared objective facts.
  • Meta narratives/grand narratives that developed from unintegrated past trauma in different areas of the Balkan, in particular those that are shared and/or conflicting.
  • How the current societal life circumstances, systems and structures are influenced by unintegrated collective trauma experiences
  • Unique qualities and resources in the region that can be utilized for this work

We will be exploring

  • What constitutes the historical background of collective trauma and resilience in the Balkan region?
  • How does the historical collective and transgenerational trauma influence the development of cultural architecture in the Balkans?
  • How does our use of language reflect and reinforce the consequences of this trauma?
  • How does this area of collective and transgenerational trauma show itself in times of crisis (e.g. Covid-19, climate
  • Can coherent we-spaces and a process of witnessing collective and transgenerational trauma lead to an integration and eventual healing of this area of collective trauma?

Participants are asked to commit to

  • Participate in all online meetings. General capacity for self-regulation and grounding while working with potentially triggering content.
  • Be willing to engage and open for new ideas and for exploration.
  • Understand the primary intention of the lab as a research container, and not a group for personal trauma work.
  • Ensure to be free from the influence of drugs.
  • Assume confidentiality – all personal sharing within this Lab will be kept confidential and names of other participants will not be shared, nor will they be described.
  • Assuming self-responsibility for your health – this Lab does not provide therapy or treatment.

Max. group size: 50

Time: 18.00-20.00 Central European Time (Please check here to find the time in your location)

Dates: Every 3 weeks; 20th Nov, 11th Dec 2020; 7th Jan, 28th Jan, 17th Feb, 11th Mar, 1st Apr, 22nd Apr, 13th May, 3rd Jun, 24th Jun 2021

Specifically invited: Balance of participants from across the Balkans to be representative of the whole system, incl. nations, ethnic groups (e.g. incl Roma), religions. Special invitation to People of the international Balkan Diaspora.

Lab Team

Gregor Steinmaurer
is a Systemic Therapist, Traumatherapist (Somatic Experiencing®), Psychosocial Counsellor (Dipl. LSB, Austria), Coach and Facilitator, and holds a Masters Degree in Counselling Psychology. He lives in Austria, works in private practice and leads workshops internationally for over 15 years, also with his wife Komala de Amorim. He is further trained in a variety of methods and therapeutic modalities, such as Systemic Family and Primal Therapy, Family Constellation, NLP, Bodywork and in Trauma Therapy with Marianne Bentzen (Neuroaffective Therapy), Maggie Phillips (Ego-State Therapy) and others. Gregor has followed a regular practice of Meditation and Martial Arts for over 20 years. He met Thomas Hübl in 2009, and is a member of the Assistant Team and Core Team in the Pocket Project. His interest lies in the further development of collective healing oriented processes at the intersection of trauma, mysticism and integral development.

Amela Tahirovic
is an integral psychotherapist who is specialized in healing trauma and she supports people in their healing processes from her private practice in Copenhagen, Denmark. During the last six years, Amela has been leading many workshops and different ‘we-space’ practices in Denmark and abroad. Together with her partner Niklas Thrane she is also offering ‘couple-to-couple’ therapy – guiding couples to more intimacy and a deeper connection. Amela is a devoted mother, a seasoned meditator, a modern mystic, an artist and she work daily with various modalities of intuitive healing. Since 2015 Amela has been passionately following Thomas Hübl teachings and successfully completed Timeless Wisdom Training 5 in 2019. She is a member of the Core Group and Inner Science Training Group.

Nikola Jurisic
is an leading expert in building values driven system – organizational, government wide or societal/national. Nikola has worked with McKinsey for 14 years, where he leads culture and change work across more than 90 countries in Eastern Europe, and the Middle East, and Africa. He has advised over 200 organizations on this topic across the public and private sectors globally. In his service work, Nikola collaborates with individuals and organizations across the Balkans who share the vision of processing collective trauma to build a values driven society in the region. He is a Newfield and ICF certified life coach, a Aberkyn and GBA trained facilitator of transformation and a Damanhur University graduated spiritual healer.

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