Facilitators: Mieke Jacobs & Paul Zonneveld
Language: English


In this Lab, we will explore the past and current impact of the Dutch and Belgian colonisation of Surinam, the Congo and Indonesia. What were and are the effects, both for the colonised, and for the colonisers. We will look at the collective trauma effects that are still present today and what we can do to move towards integration.


We will be exploring

Participants are asked to commit to

We invite you to explore some history of these colonial backgrounds. Research is also done inside of yourself, so we invite you to explore that through regular meditation and contemplation and other reflective practices of your own. We ask you to commit to an active participation in the group conversation and to explore your daily routines and how they relate to the aftermath of the collective trauma we are researching.

Research is also done inside of yourself, so we invite you to explore that through regular meditation and contemplation and other reflective practices of your own.

Max. group size: 24

Time: 5:00-6:30pm Central European Time (Please check here to find the time in your location)

Dates: 3-weekly to once a month; Nov 24, Dec 15 2020, Jan 12, Feb 2, Feb 23, March 23, Apr 13, May 11, Jun 8, Jun 29 2021

Lab Team

Mieke Jacobs
is based in Belgium and has more than 20 years of industrial and consulting experience. She travelled the world, acting as a strategic advisor, thought leader and executive coach to leaders in multiple industries. Her coaching addresses the critical role of leaders to drive change, navigate in complexity and engage the hearts and minds of the entire organization. She joined Mobius as a senior faculty member, executive coach, facilitator and senior expert in organizational constellations and systemic intelligence. She has acquired additional skills and certifications in the area of Neuro Linguistic Programming, Personal Mastery, Coaching (according to ICF competencies), Group Dynamics, Systemic Intelligence and Coaching, Constellation Work, Neuroscience and Affective Psychology, Somatics and Trauma Therapy.

Paul Zonneveld
is an organisational consultant, facilitator and executive leadership coach and senior faculty for top team interventions at Mobius Executive Leadership, with over 25 years of international business experience. He has extensive experience of leading and developing groups and individuals across all sectors both corporate and public. His unique expertise in understanding the depth of systemic effects and teaching systemic sensibility, systemic awareness and effectiveness, enables him to offer insight for people into how to manage change and transformation. He supports people focusing on connecting with their internal (leadership) qualities like self-awareness, courage and love and how to invite these qualities in others around them. He actively supports the Muses foundation, helping young adults to create a more sustainable world through social engagement in the Global South.

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