Facilitators: Hilorie Baer & Bettina Rollow, Sami Awad; trainees: Ingrid Groenen, Michal Golan
Language: English

This Lab will be exploring the historical, cultural and intercultural and narratives of the German, Israeli and Palestinian peoples and it will relate to the entangles traumas that exist within and between the three. Both the past and present narratives and experiences will be explored using the tools of presencing, attunement, transparent communication, and mindfulness. The focus will be both on the particular trauma carried by each field and the intertwined nature between them. Areas that will be introduced are the holocaust, The creation of the State of Israel, The developments and changes which occurred in the Israeli/Palestinian land in the past and presently. Both people living in these regions as well as others are invited to this exploration. What is important is the ability to come open to both explore the topic but also yourselves in relation to the situation and trauma’s which occurred.

We will be exploring

Participants are asked to commit to

Max. group size: 50

Time: 7 – 9 pm Central European Time (Please check here to find the time in your location)

Dates: Nov 29th, Dec 17th 2020, Jan 17th, Feb 14th, March 21st, May 2nd, June 13th, June 27th

Lab Team

Hilorie Baer
Is a consultant, coach and psychotherapist with over 25 years’ experience, working with groups, individuals and couples. She has extensive training in traditional psychodynamic therapy, somatic body/mind work, Jungian archetypes and family systems and couples work. Her work focuses on helping people discover, connect to and express their highest potential in all aspects of their life, personal and professional. Hilorie has been working intensively with Thomas Huebl for the past four years and has found the involvement in his teachings and the work emerging from them to be truly transformative for her own life and for her work with clients. Hilorie is originally from New York but has lived for the past 20 years in Israel with her husband and three children.

Bettina Rollow
is an executive coach and organizational developer. Her experience ranges from individual coaching and team development to The Future of Work. Bettina focuses on complex projects that involve intercultural elements and that need to address both the organizational structure and the individual development. With her Master’s degree in International Business Studies and her training as a Gestalt therapist, she is specialised in the development of new forms of leadership and collaboration (New Work). For Bettina, self-organisation and competency-based cooperation always requires an inner process of cultural maturation – for the organisation as a whole and for the individual employee. She has summarized her experiences in her new book New Work needs Inner Work. As a coach Bettina accompanies people in finding inner clarity and shaping their next step in life in an authentic way. Bettina cofounded the think and sense tank Das Dach and lives in Berlin, Germany.

Sami Awad
is the Founder and Programs Director of Holy Land Trust. His parents are both Palestinians; his father became a refugee at age nine after his father was killed in the 1948. Sami’s mother is from the Gaza Strip. At a young age Sami was influenced by the teaching of his uncle Mubarak Awad, the Palestinian activist who promoted nonviolent resistance to the occupation during the first Intifadah. Through this, Sami was introduced to great leaders and visionaries of the global nonviolence movement; from Jesus to Gandhi to King. Sami holds a Doctoral Degree in Divinity from the Chicago Theological Seminary, a Masters Degree in International Relations from the American University in Washington D.C. and an undergraduate degree in Political Science from the University of Kansas. Sami has engaged himself locally, through promoting and engaging in nonviolence, healing and transformation work and globally through visiting and speaking in different countries, communities, political and religious organizations. Sami is the father to three beautiful girls, Layaar, Larina and Lorian.

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