Facilitators: Patrick Dougherty & Jens Riese; trainees: William Aal, Manda Johnson, Christine Arau 
Language: English


In the lab we will focus on War & Its Impact on Families and Communities. We will invite, explore, hold and start to integrate collective trauma related to both “doing harm” and “being harmed”. We expect to have personal and transgenerational trauma present in participants, and will treat this as an opening into the collective impact of war. We will invite specific family, community and national examples of the manifestation of collective trauma, trusting the emergence of what is ripe through a strengthening group coherence. We will also explore how war is both a cause as well as a symptom of collective trauma, and look at what it takes to break the perpetuation of war.

We will be exploring

Participants are asked to commit to

Max. group size: 20

Time: Every second Thursday (or by exception Tuesday, 29.12); 7:30 pm Central European Time (Please check here to find the time in your location)

Dates: 19.11, 03.12, 15.12, 29.12.2020; 14.01, 28.01, 11.02, 25.02, 11.03, 25.03, 08.04, 22.04, 06.05, 20.05. 03.06, 17.06. 2021

Specifically invited: War veterans, war survivors, 2nd or 3rd generation descendants, and bystanders who were traumatized by witnessing acts of war

Lab Team

Patrick Dougherty
is a licensed psychologist who has over 40 years of clinical work and decades of working with social despair and collective trauma. The last 5 years he has been developing models and protocols to support therapists, individuals and groups to stay in good relationships as they work towards integrating trauma. Stemming from his experience as a Vietnam veteran, he has a focus on collective trauma cause by involvement in or experience of armed violence, war and genocide. He has been with the Pocket Project since its inception.

Jens Riese
works as transformational coach, trauma therapist, leadership trainer and social change facilitator. He has been supporting government, NGO and company leaders, as well as communities through transformations for 20 years. As Senior Partner at McKinsey he co-founded and led practices for sustainability, economic development and centered leadership. Jens supported more than 20 countries and 50 companies in designing and implementing plans for a more sustainable and resilient economy. He pioneered the use of lab approaches to engage diverse stakeholders from all sectors in social change and crisis recovery, incl. in Tanzania, Ethiopia, Sierra Leone and Papua New Guinea. Jens has been studying intensively with Thomas Hübl and has hosted some of his online events. His therapeutic training includes IFS, NARM, NLP, LCP, somatic and team coaching. He has a PhD and research background in developmental and evolutionary biology as well as environmental management.

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