Celebrating your Unique Contribution

The Pocket Project is currently offering scholarships for the self-study version of the Trauma-Informed Leadership Course for change movements, social enterprises, and NGOs – more info here.

We are called to raise our awareness of the multifaceted nature of trauma and understand its impact on us, our teams, and our work in the world. Awareness is the first step in a cultural shift from trauma-inducing, to trauma-informed and, finally, to trauma-integrating organizations. The Pocket Project is offering this pioneering online course to help develop this awareness.

The course was led by Thomas Hübl, and supported by Kosha Joubert, Jens Riese, Robin Alfred, Karen Simms and Laura Calderon de la Barcas, all experienced organisational and leadership consultants.

We would like to encourage People of Colour from the ‘Global South’ and/or people who may have experienced systemic exclusion in their country of residence, and don’t currently have the resources to cover the costs of the Trauma-informed Leadership Course to apply – the Pocket Project is sponsoring spaces for people like you! Welcome!!.

Our deepest humanity is our highest potential

Scholarships will be allocated according to the following criteria:

  • Country of residence/origin:
    • We follow UN categorisation to allocate countries. Group 4 has high priority in gaining a scholarship, then Group 3, etc.
    • Group 1: Austria, Australia, Belgium, read more
    • Group 2: Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, read more
    • Group 3: Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, read more
    • Group 4: Afghanistan, Algeria, Angola, read more
  • We aim for gender balance in our scholarships
  • We aim for diversity of ethnic background and cultural heritage
  • We aim to allocate scholarships to those with previous experience with trauma integration work
  • We aim to allocate scholarships to those who fulfil a meaningful role and service within their community


Over the coming months and years, the Pocket Project will be working to make more opportunities available for access to capacity building around Collective Trauma Integration work.

If you have any questions, please contact us.