The Pocket Project believes that collective trauma integration prepares the ground for the emergence of healing institutions and evolutionary development in our societies. Our aim is to offer access to information and skills for trauma-integration to as many people as possible. We are so happy to have been able to allocate 216 scholarship packages for the Collective Trauma Online Summit, with your help and participation.

Now, we are sponsoring 40 scholarship places on the Principles of Collective Healing Course, a 4-month immersive online course on the theory, methods & applications of working with collective trauma.

If you are from the Global South, from a non-majority background and/or from a crisis area, please read on to find out whether you might be eligible. And if you wish to sponsor such a package, please click go to our donation page for more information.

Scholarships will be allocated according to the following criteria:

  • Country of residence/origin:
    • We have followed UN categorisation to allocate countries to four groups. The higher the number of the group your country of origin/residence belongs to, the higher your chances of gaining a scholarship package.
    • Group 1: Austria, Australia, Belgium, Read More
    • Group 2: Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Read More
    • Group 3: Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Read More
    • Group 4: Afghanistan, Algeria, Angola, Read More
  • We will aim for gender balance
  • We will aim for diversity of ethnic background and cultural heritage: if you come from a non-majority background within your country of residence/origin, your chances increase.
  • We will aim for a certain level of previous experience with trauma integration work.
  • We will aim to allocate packages to those who fulfil a meaningful role and service within their community (online or offline, local or global).

There is no way of getting this ‘right’ – we are aware that our offer is just a drop on a hot stone in terms of how many of you might be interested. Please know that this is only the beginning. Over the coming months and years, the Pocket Project will be working to make more opportunities available for access to capacity building around Collective Trauma Integration work. Bear with us, as we learn how best to allocate scholarships to those who are in need and, at the same time, will hopefully have an impact within their communities.

You are welcome to fill out the form even if you feel you might not be eligible – we welcome you and may be able to offer opportunities in the future!

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