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The Pocket Project is a global initiative that aims to restore the fragmentation in individuals, communities, organisations and societies by addressing and supporting the awareness and integration of collective and intergenerational traumaWe work in partnership with populations throughout the world who are experiencing, or have experienced, collectively traumatising events.

The healing of collective trauma liberates energy and leads to a decrease of polarisation and an increase of creativity, innovation and regenerationWe start moving from a world of scarcity to a world of abundance. We cannot do this without your support. Your generosity allows us to express our shared care for the world together.


We are grateful for all one-time donations - but you might feel drawn to become part of a special network of Friends of the Pocket Project - people who feel drawn to accompany our work over a longer period of time with monthly donations (choose below). From next year we will be offering privileged access to certain materials to this circle.  This month we are offering a free gift of the online Trauma Informed Leadership Course, for yourself or someone you love, to all those joining with a monthly donation above 25$. Thank you! 

Instead of being many, splintered, we unify into the one body of the world. Together, we create peace.
Thomas Hübl

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the Pocket Project - GENERAL

Your donation will help us wherever it is most needed so that our projects can flourish. By spreading awareness about the impact of collective trauma, we aim to integrate the wounds of the past, increase resilience in the present and prevent further traumatisation in the future, thus helping to shift humanity towards a path of creativity and evolutionary development.


Spozhmay from Afghanistan

Spozhmay received scholarships through the Pocket Project and translated materials to her language, Dari, to share with her students. With the change of power in Kabul, her work came to an abrupt halt. She had to flee the country, for her own safety, but also, in order to continue to follow her dreams of healing for Afghanistan. The Pocket Project is accompanying Spozhmay on her journey to Canada where she will be completing her PhD on healing collective trauma. We are raising 15.000€ to make this possible.

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Pocket Project Scholarships

Our aim is to offer access to information and skills for trauma-integration to a diverse audience, including those who live in crisis areas around the world. Your donation will help us to allocate scholarships for Collective Trauma Training to People of Colour from the ‘Global South’ and/or people who may have experienced systemic exclusion in their country of residence, who can then act as multipliers in their communities and networks.

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Please share with us how you would like to see your donation used and we will work with you to make this possible. You can write to us directly (at if you wish to make a larger donation and would like to explore options. Thank you for bringing your dreams to the Pocket Project!