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At The Pocket Project, we believe in the transformative power of trauma-informed care, and we invite you to be an integral part of this global movement. By becoming a member of The Friends of the Pocket Project, you are not just making a financial contribution; you are joining an inner circle committed to fostering a culture of compassion and healing worldwide.

It’s as easy as using the donation forms provided below and selecting your preferred membership level. Your commitment beginning at just $35 a month also unveils a range of exclusive perks. Together, we’re making a difference and fostering our own personal growth and awareness.

We warmly invite you to join a community of friends, passionately dedicated to cultivating a culture of care.


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Take the esteemed Self-Study Trauma-Informed Leadership Course.

📚 Gain instant access to our educational resources, including enrollment in our self-paced, comprehensive online program empowering your understanding and leadership in trauma-informed care. Immerse yourself in recordings from distinguished trauma-informed experts, including Thomas Hübl and facilitators with diverse backgrounds.
Elevate your expertise with insights from these seasoned professionals.

Gain lifetime access to our 2023 Climate Consciousness Summit Package.

🌍 Immerse yourself in the magic of the summit with 45+ luminaries, live talks, panel discussions, and mindfulness practices. Explore presentations by thought leaders worldwide, dive into highlights and embrace mindfulness. Elevate awareness, restoration, and Co-Creative Action by cultivating your own personal relationship with climate care and genuine climate action.


Join Friends of the Pocket Project with a donation starting as low as $5 per month. While we suggest a starting point of $35 a month to unlock exclusive perks - including access to the 2023 summit and free online learning - we welcome contributions of any amount. Your support, no matter the size, is a valuable investment in our mission to cultivate a culture of trauma-informed care worldwide.

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