Findhorn Solidarity

Findhorn – Compassion & Witnessing

Thursday, June 3, 8-10pm CEST, 7-9pm UK

Conversation with Thomas Hübl, contemporary mystic and collective trauma expert

This call is for the Findhorn Community especially, and members of other intentional communities, ecovillages and holistic centres in solidarity.

At 2am on Monday April 12, fire services arrived at The Park, Findhorn to put out and control two major fires. Two iconic buildings at the heart of the community, the Community Centre and the Main Sanctuary, beloved by so many people around the world, burnt to the ground. About a dozen Foundation co-workers and residents in nearby houses were evacuated as the firefighters tackled the blaze. Thankfully nobody was hurt and everyone has been rehoused.

This arson attack has catalysed a wide range of feelings and questions in the Findhorn community. How could this happen here? Are we somehow responsible? How can we be with such intense feelings: grief, anger, numbness … and what does the journey towards forgiveness look and feel like? Is there a deeper meaning to this event? What can this event help us to grow into?

Thomas Hubl, a long-time friend of the Findhorn Foundation Community, has generously agreed to dialogue about such questions and to share some of his own reflections.

Initial questions will be brought by community leaders from Findhorn and the conversation will unfold from there.

We are inviting the wider Findhorn Community and other communities through the Global Ecovillage Network, Holistic Centres Networks and Foundation for Intentional Communities to join us in a practice of Global Social Witnessing.

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