At the Pocket Project we believe that TRAUMA-INFORMED CARE is the catalyst for the global restoration movement. As a non-profit organization, we are dedicated to growing a culture of care with access to training, consulting and social impact projects shaped by the emergent needs of our times. 

You stand at the heart of our mission – we encourage you to respond to this call, exploring a deeper part of yourself as you actively participate and contribute to our community and contribute to a global healing movement.

Kosha Joubert, CEO

Thomas Huebl, Founder

1. Can you become a Global Witness?

Through Global Social Witnessing, we relate to the cultural process and understand that the social body is developing through all of us. As human beings, we are a small movement within the bigger movement of the collective and of life itself. Through our presence and intentionality, we co-shape the events we witness. Watch an introduction video with Thomas Huebl and learn why GLOBAL SOCIAL WITNESSING is a vital part of the trauma integration process:

2. Can you gather a Toolkit of Trauma-informed Skills?

Our Community Calls are open to the public as a safe space for shared learning. We practice the skills needed for a culture of trauma-informed care: mindfulness, meditation, presence, resourcing, self-care, self-regulation, co-regulation, related and systemic sensing and group resonance and coherence – amongst other important medicines for our time. These calls are a gift from Pocket Project facilitators, welcoming everyone – and also, over time, building a Community of Practice with increased capacity to stay grounded in the face of challenges.

3. Can you deepen your skills in a more intimate Group?

In our Practice Groups, we grow through meditation, self- and co-regulation, a deeper expression of our authenticity and intimacy of our connection to the divine. Practice Groups are not therapy groups or trauma healing groups. The basic skills for relating and transparent communication that Practice Groups focus on are foundational for work on trauma integration, which is done in the International Labs and in Collective Trauma Integration Processes. Groups also consider current topics, share life issues and potential solutions, have inspirational dialogues, and explore Thomas Huebl’s teachings.

4. Can you contribute to Collective Trauma Integration?

In our International Labs, we offer online groups that go on a year-long journey together to explore and address specific thematic or geographic areas of ancestral and collective trauma. With the support of Collective Trauma Integration facilitators, we aim to deepen our awareness, understanding and digestion of collective trauma aftereffects, thus offering a contribution to the healing of the scar tissue of our collective body. 

Starting in Jan 2024, up to 30 different Labs will start, and each process will be shaped by the specificity of the group and the content being explored. Learn more here:

5. Can you become a Trauma-Informed Leader?

How can we, as leaders, become focal points for relationality, coherence and safety in our spheres of influence? How can we help to build healing architectures, even when there is war? Our collective wounds need a collective body to heal. 

*If you are interested in the course, please also see THE FRIENDS OF THE POCKET PROJECT SECTION BELOW for details on monthly cost*

Learn more about the self-paced online course here and watch an introduction video with Thomas Huebl and Kosha Joubert:

6. Can you be a Catalyst for Change?

The Pocket Project is at the forefront of a profound paradigm shift towards collective healing. We fundraise resources that allow us to contribute to the healing of collective trauma and to reduce its disruptive effects on our global culture. Every member of our community is an active participant in the realization of these aims. Your support transforms lives affected by trauma, transcending borders and backgrounds.

Join The Friends of the Pocket Project, a growing circle (currently 112+)  that helps to resource our work with monthly contributions, big or small or larger annual donations, thus elevating our global impact.

**This circle is offered privileged access to certain materials – at the moment the Self-Study Trauma-Informed Leadership Course (from 35$/month).

Have you been touched by our work to spread trauma-informed care and compassion? Do you feel called to become an actively contributing member of our community?

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