The Pocket Project is a non-profit, non-governmental organization that establishes projects to raise awareness, educate and train both professionals and civil society on the global impact and processes for integration of collective trauma. The Pocket Project develops social impact projects that help to prevent trauma, support trauma informed service and initiate trauma integration in crisis areas around the world.

Global Social Witnessing Call


Global Social Witnessing is the human capacity to mindfully attend to global events with an embodied awareness, thereby creating an inner world space that mirrors and brings compassion to these events.

Mixed Ancestries – Building Bridges Between Worlds with Laura Calderón de la Barca & Katherine Poco Enders on Monday, 29. August at 9-10.30pm Kyiv/ 8-9.30pm Berlin/ 2-3.30pm NY 



Collective learning spaces are part of a healthy way of living. Our relations are an essential part of who we are – and we can consciously cultivate this aspect in our lives, even and especially during times of crisis. The Pocket Project is committed to open spaces for collective presence and compassion. 

Join us for our next Community Call on Systems Sensing with Markus Hirzig on Monday, 15. August at 2-3.30pm NYC / 8-9.30pm Berlin / 7-8.30pm London 

Friends of The pocket project

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Become a Friend of the Pocket Project to accompany our work over a longer period of time with monthly donations

A self-study version of the Trauma Informed Leadership Course II, launching on 15 July, will be offered as a gift to all those joining Friends of the PP with a monthly donation of 35$ or more.

Scholarship program

The Pocket Project is offering scholarships for the Trauma-informed Leadership Self Study Course to People of Colour from the ‘Global South’ and/or people who may have experienced systemic exclusion in their country of residence, and don’t currently have the resources to cover the costs of the Course.  

We are offering this pioneering online course to help develop the awareness of the multifaceted nature of trauma and understand its impact on us, our teams, and our work in the world.

Collective Trauma Online Summit

Collective Healing in action

Since 2019, the Pocket Project has partnered with Inner Science LLC to create an annual Collective Trauma Summit. 

During last years Summit on Collective Healing in Action we created a powerful container and energy to bring awareness to this topic, while providing key action steps you can take to be part of the solution.


Global Social Witnessing

Mindfully Attending our World

On Monday, 7. February Thomas Hübl was offering a 60 min update on the Practice of Global Social Witnessing, the human capacity to mindfully attend to global events with an embodied awareness.