Health Declaration

International Labs by Pocket Project

The International Labs online group offered here is exclusively for physically and mentally healthy people with average resilience. It does not replace any medical or psychological examination, therapy or treatment. The content of the event does not constitute any medical diagnoses, treatments or recommendations for therapy. In case of reasonable doubts, Sharing the Presence e. V. reserves the right to refuse a participant access to events; this applies especially in cases where the participant informs Sharing the Presence e. V. of physical and mental illnesses, the intake of medication or the consumption of drugs or intoxicants, or of which Sharing the Presence e. V. gains knowledge. An advance free consultation is possible. I hereby declare that I am physically and mentally healthy, especially psychologically stable and of average resilience, and that I am not taking any psychotropic drugs or am consuming any narcotics or intoxicants that require prescriptions in the Federal Republic of Germany.


When people talk about their experiences at home, do not reveal names of other participants nor describe them in any way in order to preserve their privacy and to preserve our protected space of training and growing trust. Please also do not pass on the recordings to third parties, even from the field outside the group.