Becoming a Bridge in a Polarized World

Learning to Host & Integrate Trauma of Polarization within Ourselves

Online | English

What will we be exploring in this Lab?

How do we take responsibility and find a healthy relation to stark polarization? We are inviting those who feel called to be the bridge in the midst of fragmentation. Our global communities have been increasingly under the pressure of highly polarized dynamics. We recognize it in wars around the world, extremism in politics, clash of religious groups, increasing racial tension, divergent approaches to the pandemic, contrasting views on climate change, and so on. Together, we will examine the process of gently transforming our inner polarized parts, relating to that in our communities, and beginning to impact our collective fields of influence.

Who is invited to participate?

People from all walks of life who feel called to address polarization in our communities, to explore the process and build the capacity to stay engaged here, together.

More about the journey of the Lab

We will begin our journey with learning who’s in the room and establishing a foundation to work together. Throughout the year we will look at topics that feel alive with our group participants, whilst keeping the emphasis on our process of meeting polarization in a gentle, precise way.

When will we be meeting?

We will meet for two hours on the Second or Third Sunday of the Month, 2024 January 21st 8-10pm CET (alternate start time) February 18th 7-9pm CET March 10th 7pm CET April 14th 8pm CET (alternate start time) May 19th 7pm CET June 9th 7pm CET July 21st 7p CET August 11th 7pm CET September 8th 7pm CET October 13th 7pm CET November 10th 7pm CET December 8th 7pm CET