Collective Trauma in our Personal Career Paths & Work Experiences

Investigating our Personal Career Path

Online | German

Was werden wir in diesem Lab erforschen?

We want to explore all areas of collective trauma the group participants and us have encountered in our professional lives. It can range from Patriarchy, Power Systems, Discrimination to Mental Health.

Wer ist zur Teilnahme eingeladen?

We invite all people interested in exploring collective trauma from a career and professional perspective.

Mehr über die Reise des Labs

We plan a soft start by first investing in building a safe space and group coherence so that the respective collective trauma patterns can emerge and a trauma landscape can form over the first months. The objective is that participants identify the topics that are relevant to them individually, but we assume that collective patterns will surface. In a later stage, we plan to dive deeper into the collective traumata of most interest to the entire group.

Wann werden wir uns treffen?

We plan to meet every 3-4 weeks in an online format for about 3 hours.