Healing the Masculine & Feminine with the Earth

Restoring our Connection to the Earth to Heal Ourselves & the Web of Life

Hybrid | English

What will we be exploring in this Lab?

This lab is to focus on exploring the disconnection of both the masculine and the feminine to the earth and to each other and to build the capacities and processes we need for re-connection. It will involve a range of online sessions, solo 4-6 hour quests in nature, creative expression and gender focused sessions. We want an intimate committed group to explore the nature of a connected and disconnected masculine and feminine. We will be experimenting with deep processes to see how we restore the web of life through healing and reconnecting the traumatised masculine and feminine to the earth and each other.

Who is invited to participate?

Application now closed to those identifying as women - still open for those identifying as men. 14 people – preferably seven women and seven men to go on this journey together.

More about the journey of the Lab

6-7 full group online sessions together of two hours • 2 separate online sessions on the masculine and feminine to explore more deeply • 4 quests out into nature • 2-3 creative sessions connected with the quests • Personal practices • Readings • Creative practice and artifact building • An intimate sharing regularly of your process via agreed methods.

When will we be meeting?

We are aiming to meet every 2-4 weeks, giving time for the quests and different methods of meeting.