Men, Fathers, Gods – Trauma & Alignment in Men’s Lineages

The International Men’s Lab

Online | English

What will we be exploring in this Lab?

The Men’s Lab will explore trauma in men’s lineages and the collective – and the role of fatherhood in it, and in our alignment to God. Creative and destructive forces struggle in us. We have inherited our forefather’s wounds and inner strength, their fighting and their care. Together we dive into the roots of our manhood, and their expression in our lives. And we explore the divine dimension: our way of bowing down, of leading and being led, the relation between courage and grace. Which qualities of fatherhood do we find in God – in what do we trust?

Who is invited to participate?

We invite men of all nations and colours, who feel drawn to explore their individual manhood in the context of the collective within a supportive group of other men. Men, who dare to address old wounds and traumata in their lineages. Men, who take responsibility to face old mistakes and matters of guilt. Men, who are ready to take the next step and set out for new shores in their manhood.

More about the journey of the Lab

We start with group synchronisation and resourcing, focussing on supporting one another. Through our own ancestral entanglements we will then be able to touch the landscape of collective trauma in men, encountering fields of denial, repression, hidden wounds and buried violence. Expressing and witnessing the voices and sensing the specific quality of each trace will allow us to step towards integration and restoration. We conclude by reflecting how trauma shapes the culture and society we grew up in, and by listening to the call of the future as to what steps of transformation and action will be appropriate.

When will we be meeting?

We meet monthly, except August, on Mondays or Thursdays, for two hours. Dates: Thu, 8.2./ Thu, 14.3./ Thu, 25.4./ Thu, 16.5./ Mon, 10.6./ Mon, 8.7./ Mon, 9.9./ Thu, 10.10./ Thu, 7.11./ Thu, 5.12. Times: Thursdays: 19.00 h – 21.00 h CET/CEST Berlin (Feb – Mai and Oct – Dec) Mondays: 20.00 h – 22.00 h CEST Berlin (June – Sep)