Relational Activism

From Entanglement to Presencing and Beyond. How does real change happen?

Online | English

What will we be exploring in this Lab?

In this lab we’ll be looking at the current perspectives and strategies of different kinds of activists and social and environmental change-makers. We’ll be exploring the connection between the inner dynamics of change-makers and activists and their work in the world. What is our relationship to the things we are trying to change? How are we entangled in the systemic problems we are working on? How does collective trauma affect our work? What are useful next steps to design strategies that are both more impactful in the world and beneficial for the wellbeing of the activists themselves?

Who is invited to participate?

Activists, social entrepreneurs, change-makers, policy makers, funders – people who are working for social and environmental change and who have a deep interest to explore their own relationship with their area of work. We invite people who are interested in an experimental, playful yet deep and serious exploration of themselves and the social systems they are part of and to maybe discover a new vantage point for their work.

More about the journey of the Lab

You will be part of a diverse group of people sharing a similar intention. We will start by building connections between the participants and establishing a shared vocabulary and methodology. On the basis of this ‘safe enough’ container, we will follow an emergent process. We will also reflect on our own motivation, the organisational cultures we are shaping and the dynamics we are creating in the wider world. We will thereby discern how we are part of the problem that we want to solve. We will be navigating between our inner processes and imprints and our outer behaviours and impact.

When will we be meeting?

We will be holding monthly Zoom calls between January and November 2024, with a break in August. We will meet every second Tuesday, from 6-8 CET. We may form small practice groups for participants to meet between the monthly meetings.