Spiritual Trauma & Our Personal Path to the Divine

Journey through the 4 Pillars of Trauma Integration

Online | English

What will we be exploring in this Lab?

Sometimes we do not feel our spiritual belonging because our parents educated us with judgement and shaming around our most intimate vulnerable way to pray or relate to the Sacred. Spiritual trauma could be anything from feelings of isolation to not feeling seen by family, religious and educational authorities. Through methods of self-regulation, we provide an emergent space for deep transformative unfolding and growing subtle capacities. Our trauma becomes our post-traumatic growth and supports our unique relationship to the Divine. Through the alchemizing of shadow we discover a spaciousness through which individual, ancestral and collective trauma can emerge safely.

Who is invited to participate?

People who search for liberation in their hearts, who want to learn to meditate, free from old belief patterns or shame, want to connect with like-minded people, create a coherent field in meditation together as a source of healing; people who want to learn trauma integration for inner and outer transformation as well as basic tools for self-, and co-regulation of trauma.

More about the journey of the Lab

The lab would be divided into four sections: 1. Studying meditation, contemplation, physical grounding movements, and journaling. 2. Philosophical concepts of ethics and how to integrate this knowledge into our lives. 3. Developing an understanding of shadow work and trauma integration. 4. Exploration of how our group field informs our service in the world. We are offering spaces that support participants in finding their own practice to meditate and formal practices which might be appropriate for them. Likewise, there will be time for contemplation, triads, and journaling exercises on the process of learning during the lab.

When will we be meeting?

We will be meeting for 12 sessions, 90 minutes, on Fridays, at 10 – 11.30 am PST/ 7 – 8.30 pm CET. Dates for our Lab 2024: February 16, March 8, April 5, Mai 10, June 5, June 28, August 9, September 6, October 4, November 1, November 15, December 6