Trauma in the Healthcare System

Exploring Fragmentation and Dysfunction & Inviting Health and Healing

Online | English

What will we be exploring in this Lab?

We intend to explore layers in the health care system (HCS) that are mute, frozen, unseen or excluded and to become more aware and conscious of their effects. These effects may be hindering the development of the HCS to a level where there is abundance and safety in the system, where life and healing is in the center.

Who is invited to participate?

People who have a sense that something is not quite right with the Health Care System and want to explore that in a group. People who have worked on their traumas regarding personal experiences in the HCS - therapy in one-on-one and group work. People who have experience in transparent communication and commit to 12 meetings to explore unconscious collective areas together.

More about the journey of the Lab

In the first meetings we practise presencing, 3-sync, attunement, self- and coregulation. We establish a felt sense of our group field and explore sources of resilience (personal, ancestral, cultural). We might meet discrepancies in information and worldviews as part of the process and might touch resistance. Besides listening to individual voices we will meet in triads to digest. We will share how we are touched by connecting to the area of collective trauma we are intending to explore. We will allow the shadows to emerge in a shared space and bring in awareness so that the possibility for integration arises.

When will we be meeting?

The 12 meetings will be on Wednesdays from 20.00 -21:30 Berlin time in 2024. Meeting schedule: 31.1., 14.2., 28.2., 13.3., 10.4., 24.4., 22.5., 5.6., 19.6., 4.9., 18.9., 9.10.24