Collective and Intergenerational
Trauma Integration: The Pocket Project

On February 19, Thomas Hübl spoke about how we can develop a new understanding of collective trauma and its symptoms, and build the capacity to hold a higher presence – a “pocket” of consciousness – within the traumatized field.

Through the Pocket Project, spiritual teacher Thomas Hübl is creating a global initiative to:

  • Bring healing to collective and intergenerational trauma
  • Raise awareness of the multiple effects of trauma in our cultures
  • Understand collective shadows in a new way and reduce their effects on our global culture
  • Train the tools and competencies that enable trauma integration
  • Hold large-scale Healing and Restoration events
  • Develop the marriage of the deepest mystical wisdom with the latest psychological and scientific research

In June 2017 Thomas started a Pocket Project one-year training programme that was completed in May 2018.

The purpose of the program is to: 

  • Develop a new understanding of collective trauma and its symptoms
  • Build healing and integration competencies
  • Explore large-scale group facilitation and shadow processes
  • Refine the energetics of working with individual, collective and transgenerational trauma

The Training will involve developing tools to expand our consciousness, our perception and our embodiment in order to hold a higher presence in the midst of collective trauma. This is a pocket of consciousness holding space within the traumatized field. The tools we need to develop this capacity are energetic, psychological and spiritual.

The training is open to professionals wanting to develop new collective shadow work competencies, as well as to anyone with a wider interest in and calling to the subject

Click here to learn more about the training program and how to apply