Healing Collective Trauma – Talks at Harvard by Thomas Hübl

Thomas Hübl gave talks at Harvard Medical School and Martinos Center for Biomedical Imaging, in Boston, Massachusetts, USA, in December 2019.

Thomas Hübl at Harvard

Thomas Hübl at Harvard

“One of the major elements of healing is relation. In healing relation, I create like a kind of relational warmth and generosity that allows people to really drop in and be partners in the conversation about their health. I think it’s a prerequisite if I work in a healthcare profession to have a certain level of ‘response-ability’ because when I’m reactive I’m not responding, I’m reacting.”

Discussing the importance of a support system for healthcare providers, Thomas shared his insights on how to bring the fragmented parts of ourselves and our systems into deeper integration. On this rainy day in early December, approximately 80 students, staff, and faculty came out to attend a talk at Harvard Medical School with Thomas and Dr. Bala Subramaniam, an associate professor of medicine and director of the Center for Anesthesia Research Excellence at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston.Read More

Pocket Project Sponsors Online Summit on Collective Trauma

The Pocket Project will host a 9-day online event October 12-20, 2019 with more than 25 leading visionaries, psychotherapists, mediators, researchers and peacemakers to explore the impact of personal, intergenerational and collective trauma.

The Collective Trauma Online Summit will initiate a global discussion on this vital topic. During the summit, Thomas Hübl and other facilitators will raise awareness not only of the social symptoms, but also the preparation we will need through global collaboration and creativity to face our challenges. The Summit will explore the following areas:

  • How each of us is affected by collective trauma;
  • The process by which collective karma stored in “our cells” gets passed down through generations and how it can ’infect’ others;
  • How community can be a resource in the healing process and pathways to bringing different groups together for large-scale healings;
  • How the current structures hold us back from group healing and what we can do to create new supportive structures;
  • Awareness of the global immune system – including what it is, how it operates and what can be done to strengthen it as we move through greater stress on the planet; and
  • How we can invite humanity into a new future where we have the tools and teachers that can work to heal collective trauma.

Read More

First Ever Hearing on Childhood Trauma Held at US House of Representatives

Dr. Christina Bethell, advisory committee member of the Pocket Project, provides testimony both as a survivor and expert on the science and use of evidence-based practices to address the “epidemic” of childhood trauma in the US.

Dr. Christina Bethell testifies before U.S. House Committee

On July 11, 2019 an emotionally charged hearing on childhood trauma brought together leading experts and survivors to present their findings to members of the House, including Ayanna Pressley (D-MA) who led seven hearings on trauma during her eight years serving on the Boston City Council. Pressley, along with other members of Congress and the expert witnesses, shared their personal experiences of trauma together with the survivors who attended, allowing for an unprecedented opportunity for authenticity and opening in the hearing room. Read More

The Pocket Project’s attendance at the Societal Transformation Lab

Arawana Hayashi and the Pocket Project Team – after the 4D Mapping in Berlin

We are delighted that the Pocket Project with its mission to contribute to the healing and integration of collective and intergenerational trauma, was accepted to be part of the Societal Transformation Lab. The STL is offered by the Presencing Institute and designed to support projects to tackle their crucial questions and challenges, and help them to thrive, through an adaptable online facilitation process. Aligned with the Presencing Institute’s mission, to offer a new narrative for profound evolutionary change in society, we believe this is merging is complementary to the mission and the work of the Pocket Project. Read More

Exploring the healing of collective trauma at the Wisdom 2.0 conference

Thomas Hübl at Wisdom 2.0 Conference

Thomas explaining the interrelatedness of collective and individual trauma

Thomas Hübl spoke at the Wisdom 2.0 conference, on March 3, 2019 in San Francisco, CA. After a dialogue on the main stage with Soren Gordhamer, founder of Wisdom 2.0, on the healing of personal and collective trauma, Thomas led a meditation session in the Practice Lounge, weaving in the themes from his conversation with Soren. The meditation was attended by up to 200 people, many of whom stayed in conversation with Thomas afterwards in their desire to understand more about personal and collective trauma.

The end of the incubation period – a new beginning

The Pocket Project

After the completion of the first one-year training the Pocket Project entered an incubation phase that was accompanied by various mentoring sessions. The training graduates were supported in developing their competencies through mentoring sessions, like “Mystical Principles and Collective Trauma”, “Cultural Architecture and Global Witnessing Practice” and “Subtle Competencies and Coherence”. The incubation period was scientifically framed by the two Pocket PhD students, who accompanied the training graduates with qualitative interviews as well as Social Presencing Theater.Read More
Kotuitui – a conversation towards the healing of collective and intergenerational trauma in Aotearoa New Zealand

Louise Marra and Kat Cherrington

Louise Marra and Kat Cherrington co-facilitating the conversation

A national conversation around the healing of colonisation has begun in Aotearoa/New Zealand. An event held on February 21 bought many threads together, nationally and internationally to host an initial conversation around assessing the appetite for a process to heal the effects of colonisation and other collective traumas in this country.

The event was hosted by philanthropic organisations – Foundation North and the Centre for Social Impact. The Pocket Project and its mission to integrate transgenerational and collective trauma healing has been introduced.Read More

“Journey of Restoration” Workshop led by Nicholas Janni in New York City

Journey of Restauration

US East Coast Pocket Group Formed

On February 2nd and 3rd Nicholas Janni led a two-day Open Workshop attended by 24 people – US East Coast Pocket Group members, Pocket Project graduates and others with various depth of affiliations to the work and field, including quite a few participants completely new to the Pocket Project and Thomas’ teachings. The workshop was organized by Robert Buxbaum and Christine Gerike and we had the privilege to assist Nicholas in the process, which led us all into connection with ancestral and collective trauma energies. The title of the workshop “The Journey of Restoration” describes the intention to restore our oneness with life, to turn back toward the energies, now frozen, that we contracted from when they were too much for our nervous systems to handle.Read More

Harness the power of collective intelligence – a live event with Thomas Hübl and William Ury

Coming Together - January 27, 2019

Harness the power of collective intelligence – a live event with Thomas Hübl and William Ury

Recently, Thomas and William co-led a groundbreaking 6-month program that blended the inner art of meditation with the outer art of mediation. They explored how we can link self-awareness with thoughtful action to reach new levels of effectiveness in resolving conflicts.

Now, Thomas and William are bringing their unique and much-needed perspective to a wider platform. They truly are experts in how to reframe conflict and transform it into peace, and I hope you will consider joining them for their free online event: Read More

SAND Science and Non-Duality conference, California Oct. 2018

SAND Science and Non-Duality Conference 2018 - Keynote

Thomas Hübl during his keynote on the mystery of being human

Thomas Hübl spoke on The Mystery of Being Human at the Science and Non-Duality conference in California in late October. He offered a key-note presentation followed by a breakout session. With a focus on collective trauma, he helped the audience to understand the impact of unprocessed trauma and the need to integrate and heal this, so we might all take responsibility for our lives and communities. Read More
Restoring the Global Immune System

Thomas Hübl offering an introduction on collective trauma dynamics and the work of the Pocket Project

In October, the Pocket Project collaborated with the Inner Arts Institute to design a very unique workshop – “Restoring the Global Immune System”. Thomas Hübl and the constellation team of the Pocket Project facilitated a weekend that introduced  the core work of the Pocket Project and applied this understanding in collective constellation work. This new format will be developed for future offerings. Read More

The Trauma of Technology – a TEDx talk by Thomas Hübl

Thomas was invited to speak at the TEDx Marin event on September 15, 2018. His talk focused on technology’s role in cultural trauma, and about what psychological and physiological price we pay for our tech addictions.

Pocket Project at the Bermuda Conference

Samvedam Randles, Pocket Project one-year training alumni, offered a presentation on “Intergenerational and Collective trauma” at the Bermuda conference to raise awareness of Adverse Childhood Experiences. She shares her experiences from the Pocket Project one-year training. Watch the video.

Global Social Witnessing at the Mind and Life Institute Europe

Lukas Hermann discussing Global Social Witnessing with conference participants

Lukas Hermann discussing Global Social Witnessing with conference participants

“Kinship, Conflict and Compassion” was the topic of a summer research institute (ESRI) hosted by the Mind and Life Institute Europe on 20 – 26 August 2018 in the beautiful mountain scenery at lake Chiemsee in Bavaria, Southern Germany. Scientists, peace builders, facilitators, and educators engaged in a cross-disciplinary dialogue which focused on the roots of human inter-group conflict, social connectivity and the ways that we can transcend conflict and enhance healthy connections through various approaches, including contemplative training. Read More
Restoring a fragmented world – the Celebrate Life Festival

Joy Clark and Michaela Harrison

New Orleans-based musicians Joy Clark and Michaela Harrison perform a soulful set dedicated to the memory of Aretha Franklin.

The Celebrate Life Festival was born in 2004 in Germany and became one of the most popular and dynamic consciousness events in Europe. This year the Festival opened for the first time in the United States and was deeply dedicated to explore and inquire into essential practices of healing and restoration in response to the intensity of the fragmentation we are facing in our world. Find more information and an introduction to the speakers here. Read More
Creating a virtual home base for the Pocket Project

Pocket Project Lab

An international team of dedicated volunteers creating the lab – feel welcome to join us!

The Pocket Project is a global initiative with the goal to contribute to the healing of collective and intergenerational trauma, and to reduce its disruptive effects on our global culture. As a global initiative, it needs an infrastructure to connect the members of the Pocket Groups and Competence Center, the public and researchers. The ‘Lab’ is also needed to share selected and approved research data, knowledge and experiences gained in the Pocket Groups and Competence Centers through the community and public Knowledge Gardens. Read More
Grounding the Pocket Project – Diana Chambers: our new interim COO

Diana Chambers

Diana Chambers

The Pocket Project is growing into a global organization and this process needs sensitive and mindful guidance. Since the beginning of 2018, Diana Chambers supports the Pocket Project as an interim COO with her extensive knowledge and wealth of experience. We are full of gratitude for her support and working with her is a great pleasure!

Diana’s early career included almost a decade as a strategic planner for a global corporation before she moved from the UK to the USA and subsequently directed three different charitable organizations. She then launched her own successful practice as a philanthropic advisor and family wealth mentor, where she helps her clients to optimize the role of money in their lives and relationships. Diana has a deep commitment to spirituality and integrative health and is a student in Thomas Hübl’s Timeless Wisdom Training. She lives in Switzerland.

Trauma Transformation in Community – a new teaching series has just started


TTIC Team in Findhorn/Scotland, June 2018

In June 2018 the Pocket Project, in association with the Global Ecovillage Network (GEN), facilitated the first pilot training for “Trauma Transformation in Community” in Findhorn / Scottland. This training was born out of a deep calling to bring the vision and teachings of the Pocket Project together with trauma neuroscience and therapy skills (Giselle Charbonnier), and community building skills (Kosha Joubert), in order to have a faster, more effective, and sustainable reach into those places where therapeutic aid is scarce and trauma healing is most needed. Read More
Sharing an essential moment at the Heiligenfeld Congress in Germany

Thomas sharing an essentiell moment with the audience at the Heiligenfeld Congress in Germa

At the Heiligenfeld Congress 2018, “Kairos – Shaping Change“, in Bad Kissingen, Germany, Thomas Hübl gave a lecture and workshop about presence, collective traumatization and the possibilities of healing. 
In his talk “An essential moment” Thomas spoke to more than 1000 people about non-duality and how traumatization hinder us from being fully present in each moment. Drawing on mystic traditions, he outlined the complex nature of time and explained how trauma works as a frozen life force, keeping us in the “aftertime” of trauma, until healing may occur. Thomas emphasized the collective nature of traumatization like the Second World War as something we are born into and which we are often unconscious of. He stressed the importance of addressing these traumatic events collectively and pointed out the possibilities of an enhanced group consciousness in order to heal and integrate the past.Read More
Training Report

Yehudit Sasportas given a lecture on how art is capable of making collective trauma visible. Collective trauma in art – the frozen time

In May 2018 we completed the Pocket Project’s first one-year training in working with collective and intergenerational trauma. The program began and ended with a five-day seminar in Israel with Thomas Hübl and his assistant team. In between seminars there were online classes, as well as mentoring and supervision groups to support and shape the mutual work. A group of 152 participants from 39 countries formed to explore collective and intergenerational trauma and the different dynamics related to this topic.Read More
Trauma Transformation in Community

International Training with Kosha Joubert and Giselle Charbonnier, June 23 – 27 2018 in Findhorn, Scottland. This training is organized by GEN – Global Ecovillage Network.

Our lives and relationships are often unconsciously shaped by trauma – lingering remnants of deeply distressing experiences in our personal and collective histories. In this training, we take a step towards the freedom of awareness and choice, learning skills for recognition,  prevention,  co-regulation and integration of trauma within our communities.

Trauma is frozen life force – in order to melt back into the river of life it needs the compassionate witnessing presence of the other.

Learn more and register

The Nexus conference – The art of impact in a fragmented world

Thomas Hübl visited the 4th annual NEXUS USA Summit 2018 in February in Washington D.C. Nexus connects the financial, intellectual, creative and social capital of the young generation in an action-oriented, solutions-focused and safe space. It aims to inspire learning and collaboration between a uniquely powerful network of peers.

Thomas Huebl at Nexus conference 2018Thomas was one of the keynote speaker at the conference and offered a workshop and a meditation where he deepened his approach to the art of impact in a fragmented world. In his workshop, Thomas shared mystical principles that deepened participant understanding of their own impulse to create authentic impact in the world and how best to relate to the most challenging situations at one’s growing edge. He shared awareness tools and practices to build competencies as we explored cultural change and the connection to innovation and leadership which impact social structure.

Find the video of Thomas keynote here

Pocket Groups Report

The Pocket Groups are at the heart of the Pocket Project and are supervisioned and guided by senior students of Thomas, Nicholas Janni and Hilorie Baer. To give you an impression into the nature of the Pocket Groups and their ongoing development and a deeper insight in the work, here is what Nicholas Janni wants to share with you.

We have said from the beginning that there are two types of Pocket group:

  1. Groups that conduct research into the historical, intergenerational and cultural foundations of a region’s trauma imprints
  2. Groups that intend to conduct process work with the energetics of collective trauma in a context of healing and restoration

The two of course sometimes overlap, and the forming of Pocket groups in different parts of the world is naturally a slow and emergent process. Read More

Conference on Institutional Change

Resonance, Institutional pathologies and collective Trauma
Impressions form the 4th Witten Conference on Institutional Change

Audience listening to a talk on the 4th Witten Conference on Institutional Change

As part of the Pocket Project volunteer group and PhD. students, Lukas Herrmann and Adrian Wagner presented their recent research in the context of collective trauma integration at the fourth Witten Conference on Institutional Change. Can institutions become pathological? What are pathologies in institutions and how do they relate to collective trauma? Read More
Partnership between the Pocket Project and the Global Ecovillage Network

Visolela Namises (Women’s Solidarity Namibia), Kosha Joubert (Executive Director of Global Ecovillage Network), Gabriela Martinez (Founder of Corasoma, Colombia), Neema Namadamu (Founder of Maman Shujaa Movement, DR Congo) . during Pocket Project Training in Israel in June 2017

The partnership agreement between the Global Ecovillage Network (GEN) and the Pocket Project was officially signed in November 2017. The cooperation has been successfully under way since the beginning of 2017, as GEN and the Pocket Projected joined efforts in a crowd-funding campaign which raised a total of 19.979€ and enabled seven candidates to join the Pocket Training, who otherwise could not have participated for financial reasons. The candidates have leadership roles in their homeland communities in the DR Congo, Namibia, Sri Lanka, Colombia and Palestine.Read More
Interview with Neema on the Pocket Training

Neema in Israel

Neema in Israel

My name is Neema. I was born in a remote mountainous region of Eastern DRC. I contracted polio at the age of two, but with my Mom’s support, I became the first handicapped woman from my tribe to graduate from university. Later, I worked as chief advisor to the Minister of Gender and Family. Read More
Amman, October 12th-14th 2017
6th Annual Conference on Transgenerational Trauma hosted by Common Bond Institute (CBI)


Nicholas Janni, core team member of the Pocket Project, attended the 6th Annual Conference on Transgenerational Trauma in Amman on 12- 14 October 2017. About 80 people attended the conference, 16 being presenters. One of the presenters was the impressive Myron Eshowksy. Born mostly deaf into an Orthodox Jewish family, Myron ran away aged 12 and has forged a deep connection with indigenous and shamanic healers, bringing that wisdom into all the areas he works in. For bios of presenters, please see: Read More