New Book by Thomas Hübl

August 26, 2020

Thomas Hübl’s new book

Healing Collective Trauma – A Process for Integrating Our Intergenerational and Cultural Wounds.
A comprehensive guide to understanding and addressing collective trauma. By Thomas Hübl

What can you do when you carry scars not on your body, but within your soul? And what happens when those spiritual wounds exist not just in you, but in everyone in your life?Read More

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Collective Trauma Summit

August 24, 2020

Collective Trauma Summit

We are happy to announce that the second Collective Trauma Online Summit is coming soon! Last October in 2019, more than 53,000 people attended the first summit of this kind. In light of current events in the world, this topic has become even more urgent. From September 22 to October 1, over 40 international thought leaders will share vital perspectives about collective trauma and how it can be healed. This is a subject that concerns every individual, every community and the whole of humanity.
We are also pleased to announce that this year’s Summit will include live collective trauma healing events and panels, readings and conversations with acclaimed poets, as well as several live musical performances.
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Introducing new CEO: Kosha Joubert

July 27, 2020

New CEO Kosha Joubert

We are delighted to announce that Kosha Joubert will step into the role of CEO of the Pocket Project for Collective and Intergenerational Trauma Integration on September 1. Currently, she is transitioning from her role as CEO of the Global Ecovillage Network (GEN), which she will complete by the end of July.

Kosha grew up in South Africa under Apartheid and has been dedicated to the healing of divides and collective trauma ever since. She lives in Findhorn, Scotland, when she is not traveling. She is an international facilitator, speaker, trainer, and consultant and has worked extensively in the fields of organizational development, intercultural collaboration and the emergence of collective wisdom.
She has been studying with Thomas Hübl since 2005, co-hosted the “Power of Collective Wisdom Conference” with him in Berlin in 2008, and was one of the hosts of the Collective Trauma Online Summit in 2019. In 2016, Kosha received the Dadi Janki Award – 100 Women of Spirit – for engaging spirituality in life and work and for making a difference in the world.

We are very happy to have Kosha join our team and enrich the Pocket Project

Healing Collective Trauma Webinar Series

August 26, 2020

Healing Collective Trauma Webinar Series

In July and August 2020 Thomas offered on the occasion of the current pandemic crisis a series of free online events to explore how collective trauma surfaces in times of stress and how we can heal it:

Event 1: Collective Trauma in Our World Today
Event 2: Collective Witnessing for Deep Healing
Event 3: Building Community Coherence and Resilience

Thomas presents here his latest insights into the healing of collective trauma. The series was very well received – more than 20,000 people signed up for it.

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Systems Sensing: Attending to Collective Trauma – Thomas at GAIA Journey

May 27, 2020

Systems Sensing: Attending to Collective Trauma – with Thomas Hübl

Thomas Hübl was a guest at the Community Meeting of GAIA Journey, a project initiated by Otto Scharmer’s Presencing Institute. He shared his insights into collective trauma, and exchanged views with Otto. The article includes the video recording of the session.

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Global Collective Trauma Prevention – the New Project

April 24, 2020

Global Collective Trauma Prevention – the New Project

Our new project has been in existence for two weeks. It has started well and is gratefully accepted. It is an offer of support for people who are burdened by this pandemic crisis through stress, fear and strong inner processes. We offer moderated online groups via video conferencing (in English, German and Spanish). There is the possibility to share experiences in a safe space, to listen to each other in presence, to become part of a supporting group field, and to enter into a common integrating learning process.

There are separate groups for people in the nursing, healthcare and medical professions, who in many places are now particularly burdened and challenged.
The groups are led by people from all over the world who are all connected to the Pocket Project for Collective and Intergenerational Trauma Integration. The team has grown to 61 people. Each of the volunteers have graciously offered their expertise in supporting groups and individuals. Thomas is leading this team. There are open groups almost every day – registration is free of charge.

Global Collective Trauma Prevention – VISIT THE WEBSITE AND FIND OUT MORE >>

Healing Collective Trauma – Talks at Harvard by Thomas Hübl

Thomas Hübl gave talks at Harvard Medical School and Martinos Center for Biomedical Imaging, in Boston, Massachusetts, USA, in December 2019.

Thomas Hübl at Harvard

Thomas Hübl at Harvard

“One of the major elements of healing is relation. In healing relation, I create like a kind of relational warmth and generosity that allows people to really drop in and be partners in the conversation about their health. I think it’s a prerequisite if I work in a healthcare profession to have a certain level of ‘response-ability’ because when I’m reactive I’m not responding, I’m reacting.”

Discussing the importance of a support system for healthcare providers, Thomas shared his insights on how to bring the fragmented parts of ourselves and our systems into deeper integration. On this rainy day in early December, approximately 80 students, staff, and faculty came out to attend a talk at Harvard Medical School with Thomas and Dr. Bala Subramaniam, an associate professor of medicine and director of the Center for Anesthesia Research Excellence at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston.Read More


First Ever Hearing on Childhood Trauma Held at US House of Representatives

Dr. Christina Bethell, advisory committee member of the Pocket Project, provides testimony both as a survivor and expert on the science and use of evidence-based practices to address the “epidemic” of childhood trauma in the US.

Dr. Christina Bethell testifies before U.S. House Committee

On July 11, 2019 an emotionally charged hearing on childhood trauma brought together leading experts and survivors to present their findings to members of the House, including Ayanna Pressley (D-MA) who led seven hearings on trauma during her eight years serving on the Boston City Council. Pressley, along with other members of Congress and the expert witnesses, shared their personal experiences of trauma together with the survivors who attended, allowing for an unprecedented opportunity for authenticity and opening in the hearing room. Read More

Exploring the healing of collective trauma at the Wisdom 2.0 conference

Thomas Hübl at Wisdom 2.0 Conference

Thomas explaining the interrelatedness of collective and individual trauma

Thomas Hübl spoke at the Wisdom 2.0 conference, on March 3, 2019 in San Francisco, CA. After a dialogue on the main stage with Soren Gordhamer, founder of Wisdom 2.0, on the healing of personal and collective trauma, Thomas led a meditation session in the Practice Lounge, weaving in the themes from his conversation with Soren. The meditation was attended by up to 200 people, many of whom stayed in conversation with Thomas afterwards in their desire to understand more about personal and collective trauma.

Kotuitui – a conversation towards the healing of collective and intergenerational trauma in Aotearoa New Zealand

Louise Marra and Kat Cherrington

Louise Marra and Kat Cherrington co-facilitating the conversation

A national conversation around the healing of colonisation has begun in Aotearoa/New Zealand. An event held on February 21 bought many threads together, nationally and internationally to host an initial conversation around assessing the appetite for a process to heal the effects of colonisation and other collective traumas in this country.

The event was hosted by philanthropic organisations – Foundation North and the Centre for Social Impact. The Pocket Project and its mission to integrate transgenerational and collective trauma healing has been introduced.Read More

Harness the power of collective intelligence – a live event with Thomas Hübl and William Ury

Coming Together - January 27, 2019

Harness the power of collective intelligence – a live event with Thomas Hübl and William Ury

Recently, Thomas and William co-led a groundbreaking 6-month program that blended the inner art of meditation with the outer art of mediation. They explored how we can link self-awareness with thoughtful action to reach new levels of effectiveness in resolving conflicts.

Now, Thomas and William are bringing their unique and much-needed perspective to a wider platform. They truly are experts in how to reframe conflict and transform it into peace, and I hope you will consider joining them for their free online event: Read More