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Trauma-informed Leadership Course II


This course will allow us to expand our awareness of our lives, our organisations and our relationship to the world to include movements that take place below the surface and give rise to our every-day experience.

International Labs

The International Labs are online groups that meet with the support of trained Pocket Project facilitators to explore and presence the historical background, architecture and specific expression of collective fields of trauma. The Labs also explore sources of resilience and possibilities for restoration and integration.

Collective Trauma Integration Processes

The goal of a collective trauma integration process is to release and thereby integrate the trauma that is stored both within individuals and within groups of people who share a similar trauma pattern in their collective unconscious. An essential component of this technique is to strengthen the relational coherence of the group to release a portion of trauma, and thus, a portion of frozen intelligence of humanity. 

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Polarisierung in Krisen Überwinden

Workshop mit Thomas Hübl -
28. April bis 1. Mai 2022

In dem Online-Prozess, an dem bis zu 500 Menschen teilnehmen können,  wird ein Raum angeboten, in dem Stimmen gehört werden und eine Wiederherstellung von gegenseitiger Wahrnehmung und Verständigung stattfinden kann. Es geht um eine Selbsterforschung und eine Erweiterung der Wahrnehmung in der Gruppe. 

Collective Trauma & the Art of Exposure

The Pocket Project Art Award

In 2022, the Pocket Project will be initiating an Art Award for artists who work on the visualization of unseen layers of cultural archeology through their art. This Art Award will promote international worldviews and tolerance and deepen understanding between the nationals and ethnic groups of our world, especially to promote peaceful, respectful  and diverse coexistence.

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Center for Collective Trauma Integration

The Pocket Project offers services to governments and organizations to develop process designs for large-scale integration processes. The goal of this work is to assist countries, regions, and groups in their restoration efforts after traumatic events. We anticipate opening a new office in Israel, where the CCTI will find a physical home.
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