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The East Bay Practice Group, which is located in the San Francisco Bay Area, has been meeting in-person since 2013. In-person meetings were suspended at the start of the pandemic and a weekly online group was formed (listed separately on this website). The in-person group will probably resume once health regulations allow it. The focus of the group is exploring and learning the principles of Transparent Communication and other of Thomas's teachings. The group is open to anyone with an interest in Thomas's work.

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Meeting dates/times will be announced on our website when in-person meetings resume. For more information and to sign up to receive email notices about practice group meetings, please visit our website at http://thomashueblbayarea.com.
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David Sherman

My work as a coach, strategist, and group facilitator advances for positive change in the world. I focus on business and social sectors including large-scale multi-sector initiatives. Themes include recreating leadership, cooperation, and creating regenerative value. I participate in Thomas’ North American Core Group and Pocket Project. During the first Pocket Project training I realized that protective patterns from individual, ancestral and collective trauma form much of the resistance I have experienced in transformation. I have participated in multiple retreats in Israel and have connected to my Jewish lineage including Chasidic roots and Chabad relatives throughout Israel and the world.

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