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We focus on practicing 3-sync and deep listening, as we aim to develop the skills of perception with the whole body, grounding and creating more inner space and enhancing the capacity to attune.

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Tuesdays, once in two weeks, 18:00 to 19:30 EEST

Group Leader(s)

Dana Revnic

Dana is a personal development group facilitator, trauma-informed professional ceritified by NARM Training Institute US, passionate about healing and human evolution. As she came to understand that groath and evolution is a process unfolding throughout life-span and across generations, and following a deeply felt calling, Dana transitioned from a 20+ year attorney-at-law career towards the healing and development field.. She has been studying with Thomas Hübl since  2016, and graduated in 2019 the 2-year  long Timeless Wisdom Training of somatics,  mindfulness and mystical principles offered by Thomas Hübl and The Academy of Inner Science.

Alina Lupeș

Alina is a guide, mentor, and facilitator trained in mindfulness and healing practices, spirituality, somatic therapy, and conscious movement. Her work  focuses on creating initiation journeys and rites of passages for women into their full feminine aliveness with grace, eros, and vitality, in service of love and humanity’s evolution. She studied with Thomas Hubl Collective Trauma Healing, and co-facilitated the spaces initiated by participants. 

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