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An online Zoom Communication Practice Group open to new and well-seasoned practitioners of Thomas Hubl’s teachings of transparent communication and trauma healing. Our purpose is to gather in a safe container where we each increase our awareness and experience of inner stillness and space. A place where we foster meaningful and authentic relations through deep sharing and listening. This aids in the thawing of our individual and collective traumas resulting in an increase in creative and compassionate living.

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1st and 3rd Thursday of each month, 6:00pm-7:30pm MT, 5:00pm PT, 8:00ET

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Peggy Porter Riedesel

Spiritual interests began early finding a richness in prayer and congregational singing. At 17 I learned Transcendental Meditation, soon became a teacher of TM. After years of meditation retreats and teaching TM, I became a Physical Therapist and a mother of 4 while continuing to fertilize the soil for a more aware life. Introduced to Thomas Hubl in 2018, through his classes, PGLT 2019 and practicing transparent communication I’ve learned the value of the relational field in bringing a deeper Intelligence into our individual life’s and healing our collective traumas. I’m currently enrolled in TWT and one of several facilitators who continue a 2+ yrs old PG which meets 3x/wk on zoom.

Deidrea McMillian

Deidrea has been a student of Thomas Hubl for about 5 years, and is currently a participant in the global Timeless Wisdom Training. She brings a synthesis of learning and experience from the shamanic and wisdom traditions of S. America, transformational bodywork, equine coaching and facilitation, and as a student and meditator under yogi and mystic Sadhguru. “I long to bring the mystical and essential into our ordinary human experience to co-create the extraordinary.” Deidrea lives in beautiful Livingston, MT with her 4 horses, 3 kitties, 2 dogs, Earth, River, & Sky.

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