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We are an online Practice Group deepening our experience and competency with Thomas Huebl's teachings of The Art of Transparent Communication. Through practicing Thomas's 3 and 4 Sync processes, we deepen our experience of Presence and Spaciousness within our body, emotions, and mind, allowing a gentle grounding acceptance of WHAT IS in our daily lives. This group is open to new and experienced practitioners of Thomas Huebl's teachings. The facilitators are based in USA and Canada.

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We meet on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month at 7:30 pm Eastern Time, starting April 13, 2022

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Meredith Lowry

Dr. Meredith Lowry is a trauma-informed transformational coach, facilitator, cranial Osteopathic physician, homeopath, botanist, herbalist, gardener, and contemplative. She loves guiding people into an experiential relationship with the rhythms that continuously pulse through us, inviting an intimate awareness of the interconnected wholeness and seamless continuum that suffuses all of Nature, Cosmos and Psyche, enlivening our healthy inner and outer ecosystems in a way we live more fully from our Belonging and Becoming. She designs highly individualized coaching programs incorporating specific, powerful, mind-body and lifestyle practices based on the fields of neuroplasticity, epigenetics, and developmental trauma, restoring connection with Wholeness.

Ingrid Cryns

Ingrid Cryns integrates +20 years of expertise as a Psychotherapist and energy healer with her background as an Eco-Architect and homesteader through her Wild Earth Wisdom offerings. Ingrid embodies a grounded presence as a gifted intuitive, combining psychoanalytical and transpersonal awareness with an energizing creative healing impulse. A Registered Psychotherapist, certified as a Bioenergetic Analyst, Ingrid offers her own synthesis of psychotherapy, shamanism, and sound healing. Specializing in healing relational & generational trauma at the core, her work heals the separations between body, mind, soul & the Earth.

Nicola Hoffman

Nicola is a trauma-informed Transformational Coach, offering a loving presence, attunement, and a safe space for clients to access their inner coherence, wisdom, and healing. She has deep gratitude and passion for life’s journey and how to utilize our experiences for transformation and evolution ~ Living in joy by embracing WHAT IS. Through decades of practice with numerous mystics, visionaries, wisdom healers, and shamans, Nicola’s presence invites people to experience an inner spaciousness and loving presence, whereby the relationship with oneself and one’s wholeness can be restored.

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